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CMS-XML Password requirements prohibits user from changing email address when NTLM, LDAP or HSSO
The temporary work around is to have the Admin change the users email address in the Web Administrator.
CMS-XML Changing the SSO Keystores password causes deploy and promotes to fail
Modify the KeystorePassword element for the 2 TrustedDelegator sections in the CONFIGURATION.xml file that exists in [SBM Install Dir]\common\jboss405\server\default\deploy\idp.war\web-inf\conf.
CMS-XML With SSO enabled, the user gets logged out after changing their password
The user is able to login. Then, have the user change her password in the profile. The user will be logged out / prompted with a log on page and display the message "Invalid UserId or Password ".
CMS-XML End user has changed expired password to new one but this does not stick (in database it is then changed back to the old one almost immediately)
(1) SBM Session Cookies - End user has changed expired password to new one, and it worked until IIS reset , then user needed to input old password first, and repeat password change again. What are the steps to reproduce the problem?
CMS-XML Changing Mailbox password doesn't take affect until jboss is restarted.
I have my mail client working fine and email submit is working well. I change my email password on exchange then I go into the SBM Application Administration tool and change the password for the Mailbox to the new password. Problem is the Mail Client continues to use the old password and won't connect until you restart Jboss.
CMS-XML Changing sso keystore password in configurator doesn't change custom authenticators in configuration.xml
<Setting Name="File" Type="htf:file">truststore.jks</Setting> <Setting Name=" Password " Type="xsd:string">changeit</Setting> </Setting>
CMS-XML Password Reset service request sets Type field value to "Other" in Request Center
To fix this, first make the Type field not read only on the Submit transition of the Password Reset project and then edit the Password Reset service request in Request Center to change the default value of the Type field to "Access". You can then change the Type field back to read only on the Submit transition of the Password Reset project.
CMS-XML Reset password form from email customization
Reset password form from email customization
CMS-XML Why is the Password Reset Request logic not working as expected?
Why is the Password Reset Request logic not working as expected?
CMS-XML Users get "Invalid User ID or Password" when login, and LDAP Test Connection gives "Operation Error"
SBM recently switched from using the Novell LDAP library to using the WinLDAP runtime. During this change , the protocol version for the bind request was changed from 3 to 2. This causes unexpected operations errors.
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