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CMS-XML Search results have actions showing on the left hand side as a list of text if you create a new database
To reproduce just create a new database in System Administrator and then change to point to it. Then go to Composer and create a New Process app.
CMS-XML Can't submit item with required Date field on a custom form and locale set to English (United States, Computer)
If you have a custom submit form with a required Date ( or Date/Time ) field and your Locale set in your User Profile is set to English (United States, Computer) you can't submit an item . ... Trying to submit a form in any of the custom shells like Work Center will result in the form not submitting and no visual indication that anything is wrong. ... Open the System Administrator tool
CMS-XML Report actions do not display or work on custom form controls if item opened from listing report in dashboard widget
When an item is opened from ... (Back to Results , First Item , Previous Item , Next Item , Last Item ) do not display on the item and if there ... When the item is opened from ... 1. Open SBM System Administrator and perform a File -> Get Files From Database to make sure you are working with the most up to date files. ... 5. Save the file and perform a File -> Put Files Into Database in the SBM System Administrator .
CMS-XML Back to Results button disappears after updating an item through a report
Development Manager 1. 0 Release Control 3.0Release Control Control 3.1Service Manager 2.0
CMS-XML Linking a subtask back to the parent results in error "item could not be found"
Having linked an item to a subtask, when you attempt to link the subtask back to the parent item , the error message " item could not be found" is displayed. This causes the system to hang and only an IIS reset fixes it.
CMS-XML Get error "Please supply a value for the Contributor field" when try to edit a Knowledge Management item.
In order to avoid this error do the following. 1. Open "SBM System Administrator " tool
CMS-XML Notification events for archived items give Application Log error: "Record xx, in Table xxx could not be found"
6) Open SBM System Administrator , and Archive items from this table (Tools > Archive ).
CMS-XML Large text field may result in scrolling issues in the Manage Auxillary Data section of Application Administrator
Observed problems include but may not be limited to: Truncation of rows and/or columns due to lack of vertical/horizontal scroll bars. Abnormal scroll bar size that may change suddenly when you attempt to scroll past the item with the large text field.
CMS-XML Change History Report doesn't display result if report is run against many items
If Change History Report is run against many items (example: 30,000 items , etc.), processing of the Change History Report takes long time, IIS process takes CPU time. Depending on how many items are processed in the report, Change History Report may not be able to display result.
CMS-XML Opening Transition Details removes "Back to Results" line in Firefox
If you open an item from a list of report results, that item usually has a navigation bar on top offering "Back to Result", "Next Item" etc. If you open the details for any of the transitions in your Change History, that navigation bar disappears.
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