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CMS-XML Unchecking "Override Inherited Field Order" checkbox within project saves automatically instead of allowing a cancel
When the "Override Inherited Field Order" checkbox within a project's Default Fields section or on a specific transition or state is unchecked, that change is saved right away and does not allow for not saving that change which will cause any field order overrides to be lost.
CMS-XML ORA-01400 error when saving LDAP/SSO server configuration
On the Configuration tab of the Configure Login Sources dialog in RM Manage, there is a section at the bottom titled “LDAP/SSO New Users.” This section is intended to allow the automatic creation of new RM users based upon successful authentication by either LDAP or SSO.
CMS-XML Dim12: Create Item locks row in database blocking some other operations for a time
During a create item operation the new row is locked in the database, having the potential to block other operations for a time. In circumstances where a user- written event is called from the Create Item event, this lock may exist until the event and the create item operation complete.
CMS-XML DMCM 10.1.2: z/OS - failed to write metadata for file with character '-'
When executing checkout/checkin for datasets that contains the character '-'. The error message is SUCCESS: MDHNCL4501155E Error: Failed to write metadata for file "//U53987.TMPS.NATURAL.SCI-1234". From L3RD141537: Dimensions does not currently allow "-" in a dataset name.
CMS-XML CM/SDA/SRA/SDA/RLM: Error "SSO Gatekeeper error has occurred: Error obtaining security token. Validation of WS-Federation token failed with code 40:Token issuer not allowed"
to export the certificate. Save this as a .pem
CMS-XML KM-DIM12.2: Reported Bug: Update: After merge of conflict workfile is read-only even though Make Writeable was chosen
11. A conflict is shown. Choose Merge. Ensure that the option ' Permission after Update' is set to 'Make Writeable '
CMS-XML Database with much history may encounter locks and deadlocks on create or delete request operations
PCTFREE 5 TABLESPACE pcms_idx; SQL> commit ; SQL>exit
CMS-XML Dim CM: File permissions are incorrect following deployment on UNIX
By default Dimensions is not preserving the file permissions when deploying files to UNIX areas. For example a new item was uploaded where the original file had permissions 777. After deploying it Dimensions applies 555 permissions.
CMS-XML DIM CM: Web Client does not allow creation for all baseline types
Using the Web Client it is not possible to create baselines using the first type in the list .
CMS-XML Importing a blueprint allows database name to be changed
Per the SBM Composer Guide - The following list describes the items that are locked after a process app is published:
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