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CMS-XML Multi-Group fields not working correctly in notification rules
Steps to reproduce Create a notification based on the following rule. - Any Incident Is Submitted
CMS-XML Notification web service mapping does not work properly in some cases
Given a process app that has a field called "UniqueID".
CMS-XML Notication Rule: "Binary field is Equal to Checked" is not working as expected
The following rule is not firing the notification when the "Update" transition is used. It does fire as expected upon Submit and when the item is transitioned to a different state.
CMS-XML The $FIELDVALUE parameter for displaying the last x journal field entries is not always working
On SBM 11.2 one can stipulate how many of the last Journal field entries will be sent out in a notification . Below is an excerpt from documentation : (JOURNAL_FIELD_NAME, 1) - For Journal fields, this displays the last comment in the specified Journal field.
CMS-XML Append-only journal field omitted from $CHANGES() in Notification
If you use $CHANGES() in a notification template, then the notification will not contain the content of any append-only journal fields. You may work round this problem by specifically adding the field to the list of fields sent in the notification , when it will appear correctly, provided that the recipient has permissions to view the field .
CMS-XML Search filter for object value in notification rule does not show any results for some field types
Search filter for object value in notification rule does not show any results for some field type. Specifically it does not work with Sub-Relational field based on User, Single-Selection and Multi-Selection field types.
CMS-XML "View Item if Secondary Owner" permission does not work for notifications
Subscribe the group to this notification. Add the "Secondary Owner" field to the submit form (and deselect "(Auto)" in secondary owner list). Submit an issue and select the user as the Secondary Owner.
CMS-XML Journal fields or date/time fields in notifications can have incorrect date and/or time
For this to be fixed both SBM needs to be 10.1.3 and above plus SOO needs to be 5.0 or above. For earlier releases the following workaround may work . Workaround is as follows on the server running the Notification Server:
CMS-XML Journal fields in notification templates show GMT time
Journal fields in notification templates show GMT time
CMS-XML Notification Server not sending updated fields
The notification rule is set to send an e-mail when an item changes. A user updates an item by adding an attachment. Shortly thereafter (30 or so seconds), the user updates another field within the same item.
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