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CMS-XML When Auto-logout logs an SBM user off, the license-timeout is reset to 60 minutes from the point of logout.
When SBM has Auto-logout enabled, and the configuration is not using SSO as the login handler, the 60 minute license-timeout clock is reset to the time the user is logged off as opposed to leaving it at the time of their last activity.
CMS-XML Notification Server does not reset Start Date with last time service was running
Serena\SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\ work \jboss.web\localhost\notificationsrv\log
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.1 Patches: z/OS license check fails first time but then works
The login should work . Or, if the license server is not running, it should fail. Or if the number of licenses has been exceeded, it should fail.
CMS-XML When transition is set off by Action the 'Last Modified Date' does not update
Customer has got a scenario whereby they execute the transition 'Transition 1' which triggers a synchronous web service which in turn takes a certain amount of time to finish. When the transition 'Transition 1' ends the Item enters the 'State 2'.
CMS-XML Item goes from inactive state to inactive state thru decision changes close date
When an item is in an inactive state, and then a transition is accessed from that state that goes through a decision step ending up in another inactive state, the system close date gets updated to a new date . The close date is not changed if the item goes from one inactive state to another inactive state through a regular transition.
CMS-XML AutoAdd of LDAP users stores incorrect creation date
When users are auto-created via LDAP, the login creation date on the user is incorrect.
CMS-XML Delayed notification holds initial information when item is updated if not yet fired
This causes the old date to still fire the notification being sent, and the new date and change record has no notification sent if triggered before the first was sent and then cleared from the events table.
CMS-XML Random updates happening to items - these updates are in the change history and there will be a modifier and modified date/time but no changes indicated
Another symptom of this may be that the SLA processing is affected and the SLA Widget is delayed in being updated . All items submitted from the time of the mass update did not show an sla status until after IIS had been restarted and overnight.
CMS-XML Week dates are not displaying correctly in web client distribution table report
You will only see the problem if there are items or requests in the last week of the month where the first half of the week is in one month and the second half is in another. You may need to set the date on your system to the end of the month and create an item before it will show in the report.
CMS-XML 12.2.1 : unexpected overriden value of Date_time field in ws_items for revision 1
Update Item - Item PAYROLL:OUTPUT2 C~01-83858062X2428X10.A-SRC;2 has been forwarded to DMSYS Updated Item PAYROLL:OUTPUT2 C~01-83858062X2428X10.A-SRC;2 Operation completed
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