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CMS-XML "View Item if Secondary Owner" permission does not work for notifications
Users that are valid secondary owners do not receive notifications given the following use case:
CMS-XML View All Items role privilege is ignored for notifications - also in SSM SLA reports might show incorrect items
The "View All Items" privilege is ignored for notifications if the privilege is only granted to a user via a group that inherits the privilege from a role. If the user is added to the role directly, the privilege is honored and he or she will receive the notification .
CMS-XML Journal fields included in notification e-mail templates display GMT time
Journal fields included in notification e-mail templates display GMT time
CMS-XML User fields will not display in notification by fieldvalue command in 10.1
In 10.1 there may be instances where user fields are not sent properly in notifications , and the place where they belong in the notification is left blank. ERROR [FileTemplate] -- failed to render tag "FIELDVALUE" with parameters
CMS-XML Notification Server does not take into account "display value format" for relational fields
Currently display value for any relational field is rendered as [issue id]: [title]. However, any table has "display value format" property, which defines how value is rendered based on table fields.
CMS-XML Using HSSO in the SaaS environment forces you to logon before displaying an item from a notification
If a user isn't already in the SaaS system upon getting an e-mail notification , clicking on the link will force them to re-authenticate, and take them to the home page rather than directly to the item.
CMS-XML Notification Rules containing Fields with same name not displaying correctly
Two fields share the same field name (DB Field Name is different, of course). One is a text field and the other is a single selection field. When creating notification rules, the fields are listed in the following order:
CMS-XML Opening notification template in the editor deletes html tags
Opening notification template in the editor and clicking on view source, then saving, deletes some html tags.
CMS-XML Append-only journal field omitted from $CHANGES() in Notification
If you use $CHANGES() in a notification template, then the notification will not contain the content of any append-only journal fields. You may work round this problem by specifically adding the field to the list of fields sent in the notification , when it will appear correctly, provided that the recipient has permissions to view the field.
CMS-XML Notes not appearing in email unless user has view any privileges
- subscribe this user to the Any Item Changes State (or any other relevant) notification for this project - modify the notification template making sure the $NOTES() function is contained. - as a different user create a new item in this project.
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