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CMS-XML Validation error in a form doesn't take you to the top of the form so you can see the error.
return false; After making this change open SBM System Administrator and click File | Put Files Into Database so your changes will persist after a restart of SBM. NOTE: This change may also need to be redone after an upgrade depending on when this defect gets addressed.
CMS-XML SBM Upgrade shows no progress in Administrator
This is erroneous. The Admin will eventually complete (or error). If you stop the process during the upgrade, you must start again with a fresh copy of your database .
CMS-XML SBM Script - TS_UserSettings table does not update until after an IIS reset
Script changes which update the TS_USERSETTINGS table are successfully updated in the database and the table affected is not cached but the change is not immediate in the user workspace. The changes made do not take affect until the web server is restarted .
CMS-XML KM-DIM12.1: Reported Defect: Strange messages in the event viewer since upgrade to 12.1 on Windows
DMAPPSRV 2011/05/05 08:51:40 E P2064 T5576 DBI0004527E DBIO: Database I/O error occurred ... Error: Unable to connect to database " DMAPPSRV 2011/05/05 08:51:40 E P2064 T5576 Pcms error: 0, Error: Unable to connect to database " ... database =@<SID> After commenting this line out and restarting Dimensions the messages were gone.
CMS-XML Dim12: Timestamp in history of an Attachment of a Request is showing the incorrect time.
Generally, Dimensions CM uses database date format, i.e. date that is set on Oracle for most operations. ... To use the correct format, modify the files to match the database . ... Change the above to suit your environment. 5. After modifying, a stop/ restart of all Services will be needed. Make sure that there are no rogue processes before restarting .
CMS-XML A Dev Change Request is not being automatically transitioned when its child tasks are complete
... MSSQL SBM sample database : ... of the SBM database ... to the SBM database . ... If your SBM database is not returned ... DB _NAME( ... ... > 0 and DB _NAME( ... ALTER DATABASE sample SET OFFLINE WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE ALTER DATABASE sample SET ONLINE Apply the following sql statement: ALTER DATABASE sample ... ALTER DATABASE sample SET READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT ON WITH NO_WAIT ... Where <SBM_DATABASE_NAME> is the name of the SBM database In SBM Configurator, restart the Serena Common JBOSS and IIS services.
CMS-XML EM_* tables are not correctly upgraded for Oracle on and then deploy of Event Map fails
Workaround:Please use with caution as requires a JBOSS restart and until all Process Apps are deployed successfully orchestrations with event maps will not be working. (1) Take a backup of your Orchestration Engine database ... (3) Restart JBOSS
CMS-XML Report with Jsonlist template won't open with Internet Explorer
2. Using System Administrator do a put files to database . 3. Restart internet explorer and delete browser cache before running the report again.
CMS-XML Long ts_internalname and/or ts_name doesn't work with AppScript with Oracle db
Long ts_internalname and/or ts_name doesn't work with AppScript with Oracle db
CMS-XML concurrent edit/update of valid set => always and only the latest is commited on the db
concurrent edit/update of valid set => always and only the latest is commited on the db
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