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CMS-XML Attachments via email submit do not get created
When the attachments directory is on a network share, and proper credentials are supplied on the Attachments tab of the Admin's Options | Settings, users are able to upload attachments OK from the user interface, but the email submit will not be able to. The log file will show access denied errors as it seems the Mail Client service uses Local System and not the credentials provided in the attachment settings.
CMS-XML Emails created using the "Preferred E-Mail Client" do not use the default template
Emails created using the "Preferred E- Mail Client" do not use the default template
CMS-XML When adding description to e-mail template, no line breaks will be created
If you add a text field such as description to an e-mail template, when the end user gets this message, the text field may appear to run on to the left. This is because we are not honoring the line breaks appropriately.
CMS-XML Creating users through the import (spreadsheet) sends out email
Creating users through the import (spreadsheet) sends out email
CMS-XML Mail client does not send failure email
If an email submission fails to create an item, possibly because the email address it is coming from is not associated to an SBM user, the failure email using the error template does not get sent out and an error appears in the ns.log. The error will look like the following:
CMS-XML Dim12: Mail: Unable to delete users subscribed to mail notification of Promote of an Item when project is deleted
1. Go into Admin Console. 2. Create a User. 3. Go to the Desktop Client, and create a Test Project. 3. Back to Admin Console and create a Mail Event for Item/Promotion of an Item for the newly created Project and the newly created user.
CMS-XML Unable To Unselect "To" Name In Email
When creating the "To" list for an e-mail : If you have multiple names in your "To:" list and you decide to 'unselect' a name, it will not allow you to unselect a name, unless that name is in the list that is displayed.
CMS-XML Notification email templates do not get applied if not within first 200
There is an unintended limit of 200 notification email templates so all templates that were created after the first 200 will not get applied to notification emails even if they are selected to be used, resulting in notification emails that use the default template rather than the intended template.
CMS-XML SaaS: Edits made to the EmailSubmitSuccess.txt template do not change the actual e-mail
Please create a new template with a name that will be unique to your instance on SaaS.
CMS-XML My avatar and email link on text fields are not correctly displayed.
For tickets and issues created prior to upgrading to 10.1, an update by a user will update all notes to have that user's avatar image for all notes.
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