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CMS-XML Baseline Link in Dev Package not Functioning
When clicking the URL link to a baseline from the Baselines tab of a selected dev package, an error may occur stating There were one or more problems with the requested link
CMS-XML DVM: Unable launch Build from Dev Package. "Must specify an object or a list of objects"
DVM: Unable launch Build from Dev Package . "Must specify an object or a list of objects"
CMS-XML Add/Modify URL not working when linking/referencing a file
The Add/Modify URL is not working if when trying to reference a file and you select Move Reference to URL box . The reference gets created but you are unable to open the link once it is created.
CMS-XML You can Relate a ZMF Change Package to Multiple Dev Tasks
If you have done this, it becomes possible to relate the same ZMF Change Package to more than one Dev Task, as no error message is displayed when this happens. The intended behavior for the default workflows is that there is a one-to-one relationship between a ZMF ChangePackage and a Dev Task in Development Manager.
CMS-XML "Related Baselines" relationship filter for Items user report
When user is building a Items user report in Web client, the Filtering | ---System Attributes--- box presents Related Baselines option under Relationships . This option does nothing as items cannot be related to baseline; the option is not presented when building Items report via Desktop Client
CMS-XML DVM: Error mapping data with field 'Baseline Build Configuration'
Creating a baseline from a Dev Package does not create the baseline in Dimensions CM. The Windows Event Viewer shows the following error: Error occurred in file:
CMS-XML DVM: Problem accessing work areas when attempting to set up a build
Click the Build button in a DVM Dev Package , select a Build Configuration from the list in the resulting window and then try to select a Work Area. The message you may see is:
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2.04: Exception occurs synchronising work areas hosted on another Solaris box
1) Define the agent as a node on the server in Admin Console; 2) Connect to the server using the desktop client; 3) Define a working location for the project as AGENT::/tmp
PDF Microsoft Word - ZMF ALF Event Filters for RLM.docx
40 Yes freeze a package 42 No selective ... Yes demoted a package 45 Yes promoted ... Yes promoted a package 49 No promoted ... Yes audit a package 51 No change ... area 60 No link a package 62 No unlink a package 64 No scratch ... complete 80 Yes build a package - create 81 ... checkout to a package 83 No potential ... conflict 84 No stage something 85 No ... delete module from package 87 No Checkout ... No copy forward package 89 No Retrieve ... 94 Yes attach package to release 95 Yes detach package to release 96 No link a release 97 No unlink ...
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
ChangeMan ZMF can be configured to retain audit reports in compressed printable ZMF format and in HTML format in a package staging library on the mainframe. The HTML- formatted reports can then be retrieved by ARM for viewing in the Work Change Request (WCR) workflow under the ZMF Info tab.
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