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CMS-XML Not all files and components are removed after finishing of server's uninstallation process on UNIX system
3. Do all "Next" steps until message "Uninstallation successfully finished" 4. Now check following directories "/opt/serena/dimensions/" and "/var/opt/serena/ inventory " Actual:
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF112936: fails due to java error
java -cp /opt/serena/dimensions/10.1/vpdexport/hsqldb.jar:wizard.jar:bootstrap.jar -jar /opt/serena/dimensions/10.1/vpdexport/vpdexport.jar /var/opt/serena/ inventory /Gen1/_vpddb/vpd
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Eclipse recommends additions rather than deletions when merging streams and baselines
The deleted folder is shown as a conflict and deleted items are shown as additions to the workspace. The following scenario from the demo QLARIUS product illustrates the problem. All operations are carried out from within Eclipse:
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Renamed file detected as added file on Windows XP using Explorer plugin
When using the Windows Explorer plugin on Windows XP clients (it appears to be fine using other more recent Windows operating systemss) a rename operation doesn't always show the correct icon in the display. There are times when the icon for a new file is displayed rather than the one for a renamed file. However if the file is delivered to Dimensions a rename operation is correctly carried out.
CMS-XML Logging user added to group is written differently to TS_AdminChanges whether one uses the Web Admin or the System Admin.
Logging user added to group is written differently to TS_AdminChanges whether one uses the web admin or the System Admin Tool. For example if a user is associated with 10 groups and is then added to an 11th, the action as logged from the System Admin tool will only add one line to the TS_AdminChanges. Whereas if the action is carried out from the Web Admin, lines are logged for removing the user from all 10 groups and then adding them and the new group again.
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.1.1: runCommand WS should return and if command fails
<ns2:result>false</ns2:result> <ns2:description>ACL0004593E Error: command not found</ns2:description> This affects the orchestrations because they are carried out, even if the web service action failed (for instance, the SBM item goes to the next lifecycle state when CM action failed, etc.)

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