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CMS-XML Data import auto refresh log not refreshing correctly
While running a data import using the new Administrator you can set the import log to auto-refresh. You can also set the log to show all data or only Errors. If you have auto-refresh set and Errors set, when the log refreshes it shows ALL log info instead of Error info.
CMS-XML No change history logged when import data
When importing from another teamtrack database to an aux table there is nothing written to change history.
CMS-XML Data Import fails if importing "Money" data type
When importing data via Mashup Administrator, if the source data contains a field type of "money" and is mapped to a "numeric" field in Business Mashups, the import will fail. There are no messages in the import log , on the screen or in the application log .
CMS-XML Imported account contain the full name from the Import users as copies
Steps to Reproduce 5. Select "Update Mapped Attributes" this option to update any mapped attributes that have changed in LDAP. 6. Press Import Now Actual result: Imported account contain the full name from the Import users as copies and when we logged as ldap user in Web Interface we will see Administrator's profile user.
CMS-XML Initial project create fails; ORA-01017: invalid username/password
Scenario: Initial project import fails with an error “The log filecould not be created. Do you want tocontinue without generating a log file?”
CMS-XML AE callback fails with ssl error when ssl is ON on Jboss
Deploy mashup from MM AE call back fails with following error in ts_ import log 04/18/2011 15:59:53: Begin Importing C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\app67593.adf
CMS-XML Error Promoting Dev Change Requests Snapshot
On promoting the Dev Change Requests snapshot after upgrading to DVM 4.5 from a previous version, the promotion may fail with the following error appearing in the log file: ... Import : Incoming project already exists at this level.
CMS-XML Orchestration fails when WSDL contains multiple parts (xsds)
(2) The server log contains an error starting with similar to the following: ... (3) The Common Log will show the following DEBUG error before the orchestration fails as per (1) ... WSDLException: faultCode=OTHER_ERROR: Unable to resolve imported document at 'resources/xml/ea449449-8533-41b1-8e66-cc681a28443b/dmwebservices.wsdl'.:
CMS-XML Notification rules UUIDs are being reset to NULL on any rule update
When one tries to promote following warnings appear in the log : "WARN -- Import : Missing UUID for 'ACHD Merchant - External contractor XYZ' in node 'Rule'."
CMS-XML Mashup Administrator Display Issues when accessing using Mac RDC
In LDAP Setup and Tools >> User Import , when choosing a user with the correct permissions to copy from, unchecking the "Create Associated Contacts" box, and then checking the appropriate box for overwriting, etc., the radio buttons are unavailable for "Do not modify," "Update mapped attributes," "Replace User Contact Info," etc. ... After making and saving a change, then logging out of the RDC client for Mac, the radio buttons become unavailable when accessing through the MAC RDC in the future.
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