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CMS-XML Certain scripts may validate in Composer yet still fail
Certain scripts may validate in Composer yet still fail
CMS-XML Process App validation passes even when "Validate AppScript" fails in Composer
AppScripts are validated using the " Validate AppScript" option in the "AppScript" tab in Composer. However, even when validation fails there, validation for the Process App still passes without errors, and deployment will also complete successfully.
CMS-XML Since upgrade validate succeeds but is marked as "out of date" and publish fails
Intermittently validate is succeeding but being marked as "out of date". Publish then fails. If you keep retrying the validate and publish it should eventually work.
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: ADP fails if the request you are actioning is not in your current project
When using Action Driven Promotion you need to make sure the request you are actioning is part of your current project. If that is not the case you will receive the following error when actioning the request:
CMS-XML DimCM12: z/OS agent: MDHNCL4501637E Error: Failed to write metadata for ""
When doing a get or check out of an item from an item library, Dimensions for z/OS copies the item to a user file in a location that you specify. Dimensions for z/OS supports the following file types for user files on z/OS mainframes:
CMS-XML Class Definition: constraints on cyclic (self referential) relationships (e.g., FRtoFR) fail
Contraints on cyclic relationships fail. For example - setting a rule to ensure that a requirement from the primary class has a status = to proposed should be: Class (primary) to Current Status != Proposed
CMS-XML Update to 2009 R4 can break workflow styles
<> Checking out the Styles element breaks the transition name border's opaque background. Instead of the transition lines being positioned behind the transition name, they cut right through it. This makes the workflow unreadable until you re-define each transition style to use a white background.
CMS-XML Validation breaks existing mapping.
When you update an existing web service, import and validate , it can break your existing mappings.
CMS-XML DMCM 10.1.2: z/OS - failed to write metadata for file with character '-'
When executing checkout /checkin for datasets that contains the character '-'. The error message is SUCCESS: MDHNCL4501155E Error: Failed to write metadata for file "//U53987.TMPS.NATURAL.SCI-1234". From L3RD141537: Dimensions does not currently allow "-" in a dataset name.
CMS-XML Version numbers get out of sequence which can lead to error when checking out of the repository.
Error message from Composer is " Checkout attempt failed : The error from the mashup repository was: Could not perform operation because you do not have the latest version - perform a "get latest" and try again. Doing a "get latest" does not resolve this. If the customer has an Oracle database and is using Oracle RAC (clustering) then it is likely that the version numbers have got out of sequence.
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