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CMS-XML 12.2 : Desktop Client: Project history Comment for project created based on stream
1. Create Project based on Stream 2. Invoke History for created project Expected:
CMS-XML Environments that contain a large number of Eclipse projects may experience delays when expanding Upload Rules
In Dimensions base databases that contain thousands of Eclipse projects (or more), the time required to edit upload rules and expand the rules for a project may be large. In one database with more than 25K projects, the time required exceeded 5 hours.
CMS-XML Project not selectable in various locations when moved
If you go to the base project in the Application Administrator and create a new project to be used as a container project that other projects will be under and then move a project under that container project , the project that was moved will not be selectable in various locations where you would need to select a specific project . One example is in the Import Data section of the Application Administrator.
CMS-XML Handling User and Group Selections in New Web-based Administrator
Beginning with SBM 10.1, workflow modifications can only be made in SBM Composer. This change requires you to manage selections for User, Multi-User, and Multi-Group fields for projects in Application Administrator. (In past releases, selections for these field types were managed for workflows in System Administrator.)
CMS-XML If you upgrade from 2009 Rx to 10.1.2.x then the termination rule not visible on escalation at base workflow
This is related to but not the same as DEF226836. It seems like some change has been made that partially fixes DEF226836 in that escalations that are not associated with a project now appear at the base workflow level but this new defect occurs. New issue is that when you open the escalation at the base workflow level and look at the terminate rule, you can see it but when you edit there are no conditions shown.
CMS-XML Dim 12.1: Baseline being created in the wrong project when using the Hudson Plugin
1. Create a Hudson Build 1 that uses the Dimensions plugin pointing to Dimensions Project: P1, presever the atrefact and generates a baseline for the artefact 2. Create a second Hudson Build based on the the first using a different project P2 (that is created using items from P1), 3. Restart tomcat and log back in to Hudson
CMS-XML Web Admin: In project view, the + (plus) icon expands ALL children under ALL parents
ProjectA2.2 2) Open the web admin tool, and click on Projects. 3) On the right side, double click on Base Project .
CMS-XML Schema created based on product of another schema incorrectly initializes privileges
User creates a new Dimensions CM base database similar to the following: crdb some_new_schema /toolman=dmsys /basedon=cm_typical /product=qlarius After basedb is created the privilege_scoping table contain NULLs in all project _uid, area_uid, stage_uid fields that normally should contain -1s. This causes inability to remove these privileges later and possibility to add duplicates.
CMS-XML States in sub-projects not shown when creating or modifying a Report
In TeamTrack 6.6.1, if you create a report based on a project which is a direct child of the Base Project , values for the State field (when specified in the Search Filter), may not show all the States from child projects . Only States created at that level are displayed. Workaround: Create and Save the Report from the highest level Project (Base Project) with the appropriate State selections.
CMS-XML Data from joined table shown as * when join report is saved at sub project level
Here is summary of the problem: Base Project ->Sub Project 1 (Table1) ->Sub Project 2 (Table2)
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