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CMS-XML When deploying/updating a z/os load, a warning message issueing from link-edit makes the deploy/update to fail
MDHNCL4501193E Error: failure closing file pds2(load1)/.$merant:$mvs./ ... Please use the AUDIT command to verify contents of all areas associated with stage ... This problem occurs also when doing an UI command to upload z/os load in Dimensions : UI "SIC:.A-EXE" /FILENAME="load.LOAD" /USER_FILENAME="::()"
CMS-XML DM UPDATE command removes a file instead of moving it to another folder
User moves a file to another subfolder in work folder User then Delivers change to stream User runs DM UPDATE command to update a different work area with changes from stream. File is removed from this work area instead of being moved to another subfolder.
CMS-XML DIM12.1: UPLOAD command uploads 0 byte files already in Dimensions besides "Check in only changed revisions"
- on AIX create a directory with 2 files - one with no content, the other with some text and the extension .java (or any other extension that is mapped to SRC item type
CMS-XML Dim CM: File names starting with @ get renamed by FI commands generated by Release.
The FI command generated by Get in Desktop Client and the FI command generated by Release should be the same i.e. the @ should be escaped with another @ (this is the default escape character used by Dimensions). The problem is that the FI command generated by Release doesn't have the @ escaped so the files on disk are named incorrectly.
CMS-XML AppendTextFile() command fails with file sharing error
AppendTextFile() command fails with file sharing error
CMS-XML Inconsistent behavior with DM Update command vs Desktop Client
When user tries to update a work area from a stream, using DM Update command , the behavior is inconsistent with Desktop Client. User is able to update work area using a request related to an older revision of a workfile; the work file is updated successfully with this older revision. When trying to do same via Desktop client it returns a message that there were no differences.
CMS-XML Orchestration renew utility "clear" command fails to connect to database
The orchestration renew utility "clear" command will get errors of "Cannot connect to database" and "Can't fix hibernate cfg file " if the server it is being run on does not have web access or has to connect to the web through a password-protected proxy.
CMS-XML DM DIFF utility pulls files down to work area
When dm diff is run to compare a stream against a local directory, it pulls down missing files when it should not.If files that are in the stream are missing from the local area we are comparing against, dm diff will pull the files down from the repository.This is unintended behavior from a diff tool or command .
CMS-XML Dim CM: File permissions are incorrect following deployment on UNIX
After deploying it Dimensions applies 555 permissions. Another new item, in this case with permissions 555, was created and updated using the Dimensions CHMOD command applying permissions 666 to the item. After deploying the item the permissions are set to 444.
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009R2: Metadata IO error on UI command for unchanged items
If you attempt to perform a Revise Item (UI) operation, where the Item Type has option 8 set (Check in only changed revisions), and the /KEEP option is used, the following error occurs,: Warning: No update was necessary because the file was unchanged
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