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CMS-XML DM12.1.1 - Can't set library cache area in web client
When Library Cache name is created using Korean Characters users cannot create a library cache area with web client when area name is in Korean
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2.2: unable to set some user preferences in Web Client using Chrome 27-29
Using Chrome versions 27 - 29 on Windows 7 x64 with Java, with Dimensions CM x64, there are some problems updating user preferences in the Web Client . For example it's not possible to select a different value for the "Home view" and, when managing the "Columns for items", it's not possible to move columns from the "Available columns" to "Used columns" by clicking on the << and >> arrows.
CMS-XML VM2DM: After performing a migration of data from Version Manager, the history of the migrated items shows the revisions twice.
During this process there are two entries, one for the checkout and the second for an update of attributes. By default, the VCS_ARCHIVE_NAME attribute is set to be stored per revision and to default to specified, which is blank, by default. In turn, the attribute is 'cleared' during the checkout.
CMS-XML Dim12: Web Client: Unable to change the Work Area
The Work Area is set to a directory containing an apostrophe. When attempting to change the Work Area, the OK button will not allow the change. It doesn't work.
CMS-XML DMCM: Empty value choice should not be available for mandatory user attribute in Web Client
a client disparity with regards to using valid sets with mandatory attributes. In Web Client, an extra "null" value is selectable, which is incorrect. Desktop Client correctly does not allow an empty selection from the valid set values.
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Problems showing file details in Web Client on remote UNIX work area
To reproduce the problem create a work area on a UNIX agent, set it as your area for the project, get files to that location and then attempt to view details of the files in the area using Web Client . The resulting window should be populated with all the relevant file details but you see a window like the one in the attached image instead.
CMS-XML DIM12.2: Delegate screen in web client shows loading in certain cases
In certain scenarios when trying to delegate a request to some users with the web client, "Loading..." appears. This only happens if the client is set to display the full user name (or any combination with the full user name), if the setting is changed just to display the user ID everything works fine.
CMS-XML DMCM: Dates filter in the web client says 'Between' but is 'From' and 'to'
When setting a filter on the items page or the requests page in the web client it says between dates x and y. If you set the first date to a date that is after the second date then nothing is displayed. Now if you look at that between the 21st of this month and the 18th of this month then it should show the files between those days but it doesn't.
CMS-XML DIM2009R101: delegation in web client - already added users get removed on change of role
- the already assigned users should be preserved Actual Result - the assigned users list gets reset
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: UNIX - Web Client allows files to be renamed to contain double quotes
Set Filename - COR0005885E Error: Filename tes"t1.dat contains one or more of the following invalid characters: "*|?<>:
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