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CMS-XML How to install an SSL certificate into the RLC 5.x/RLM 4.x/ALM 3.x JRE keystore for Serena Common Tomcat
NOTE: Beginning in RLC 6.x, Release Control no longer runs under the Serena Common Tomcat. Instead, it is installed and run using the same JBoss/Tomcat installation that is used by SBM . By importing the certificates into SBM's JRE, you are automatically setting up RLC's JRE.
CMS-XML AE callback fails with ssl error when ssl is ON on Jboss
04/18/2011 15:59:53: Begin Importing C:\Program Files\Serena\ SBM \Application Engine\app67593.adf ... error:14090086: SSL routines: SSL 3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE: certificate verify failed: SSL_connect error in tcp_connect()
CMS-XML SSO and SSL: Only secure content is displayed and users get error about mixed content
The users can choose NO and then continue using SBM . ... However, for this to work correctly, the AE host name must also match the "Issued To" name of the certificate in Configurator on the IIS Server view.
CMS-XML Authentication LDAP w/ SSL affects Performance.
SBM 10.1.2
CMS-XML Popup messages about non-SSL content when using SSL
CMS-XML Cannot sign in as a different user when SSL is enabled and Google Chrome is the browser
SBM 10.1
CMS-XML If user connects remotely to the server using a "temporary profile" then when starting SBM Configurator in Utility Mode it crashes with an exception
SSL cannot be setup in Confiurator if user connects remotely to the server using a "temporary profile". This will cause SBM Configurator in Utility Mode to crash with an exception (the foot-line of SBM Configurator displays "Initializing 'Security' settings...").
CMS-XML Upgrade to 2009 R4 the Configurator fails with error - System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection
The problem is due to missing CN attribute on the Issuer Distinguished Name of the SSL certificate . The Configurator expects that to be present.
PDF RLM HTTP Server Overview:
1) The first step in configuring SSL is to obtain an SSL certificate . This can either be a self-signed certificate or a certificate obtained through a trusted certificate authority. Note that self-signed certificates will encrypt the user data but will result in a warning message to end users that the certificate may not be valid.
CMS-XML SSO is re-authenicating when requirements are opened in CM web client
This problem happens in particular configuration, when SSO Federation Server (SSO Login UI) is accessed through 2-way SSL and happens for any SSO enabled web application when user tries to switch to or open second SSO enabled web apps.
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