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CMS-XML How to setup a url that will log straight into an SBM shell like Request Center, Demand Center etc.
The following example can be used when you want to log into a shell interface without being prompted for username and password. In the following example the shell =srp parameter will log into "Request Center" but can be changed to match your needs.
CMS-XML JBoss service does not stop in some cases
The JBoss service wrapper was changed in SBM 2009 R4 and in some instances, the service does not stop gracefully. Errors will be recieved in the service_shutdown.log located in "Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\log".
CMS-XML Get "Webpage has expired" error when click cancel on report edit.
SBM directory in case you need to roll back to the original. 4. Edit the file and find the "doCancel()" function. 5. Replace the contents of that function with:
CMS-XML Put Files into Database not Functioning Correctly
You may experience a problem whereby having installed the ALM Suites and performed the action File | Put Files into Database using SBM System Administrator, and then made changes to the shell files and performed Put Files into Database again, that old versions of the files are still present in SBM . This means that you will need to replace the files again and repeat the Put Files into Database action.
CMS-XML Development Manager 4.0.1: Dev Tasks are not automatically changing state when actioning requests in CM
In the case in question, user Emma was actioning the request in Dimensions CM. The problem was caused by Emma not being assigned the Developer role in SBM (the documented example scenario states that the user only requires Development Engineer). Once Emma had been assigned the Developer role in SBM , the actioning of Dimensions CM requests to the relevant lifecycle state automatically transitioned the related Dev Tasks.
CMS-XML The experts in Social IT do not display when using SQL Server Express R2 with Advanced services (10.50.1600.1) - as delivered with SBM
(5) Question: uninstall or change (Answer: change ). ... In this case we can locate the place where we unzipped the installer for "SQL Server Express with Advanced Services" (note it must be extracted or it will not work).
CMS-XML Importing a blueprint allows database name to be changed
Per the SBM Composer Guide - ... marked deleted (or disabled, in the case of states). ... • Some styles options for Numeric and Date/Time fields cannot be changed . • Text fields cannot be changed to the Fixed length style from the Memo or Journal style and cannot be changed from the Fixed length style to the Memo or Journal ... • The related table for Relational fields cannot be changed . • The database name for fields cannot be changed . • The prefix for applications cannot be changed . To reset a process app so you can modify locked items:
CMS-XML Notication Rule: "Binary field is Equal to Checked" is not working as expected
Development Manager 1.1Development Manager 1.2Release Control 3.2Release Control 3.3Release Manager 2.0Requirements Manager 1.0 SBM 10.1Service Manager 3.0 ... User Case : ... AND Text_Field Changes Using the above rule, when a user uses the "Update" transition and changes the text in the text field, it does not fire the notification although the condition is true due to the Binary Field.
CMS-XML Some deleted assets are permanently removed from Process App
Introduced in SBM some asset such as states and selections are permanently removed from the Process App. These should be marked as deleted but still be visible in case you would like to undo your changes .
CMS-XML If an orchestration uses a custom tool and a throw step, the service flow is corrupted upon deployment
Install SBM ... Run the "Create Site" test case in SOAPUI - success. ... Rerun the "Create Site" test case in SOAPUI - failure. ... Switch to the mappings tab and make note of all the mappings/initializers. ... Reset all the throw mappings/initializers.
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