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CMS-XML Notification server taking a long time to process a cycle
Development Manager 1.1Development Manager 1.2Release Control 3.2Release Control 3.3Release Manager 2.0 Requirements Manager 1.0SBM 10.1Service Manager 3.0
CMS-XML Dim12: Timestamp in history of an Attachment of a Request is showing the incorrect time.
You will want to determine what the TZ variable is currently set to on your AIX Server using the export $TZ command. Change the above to suit your environment. 5. After modifying, a stop/restart of all Services will be needed. Make sure that there are no rogue processes before restarting.
CMS-XML Change propagation takes too long if there are many fields with the same name in Composer
This can then become a problem when forms are generated, especially when there are many forms - each control name for the form must be generated to be unique on the forms and this process requires all field data to be loaded, potentially many times and this can cause loading, validation and other phases of the modification process to take a long time . The actual check-in, check-out and deploy times are unaffacted, but the processes can be lengthened to hours rather than minutes.
CMS-XML Changing value of Single Select or Single Relational field gives error "Currently processing previous request, please wait until the request completes."
Development Manager 3.5Release Manager 3.5 Requirements Manager 3.5Service Manager 4.0Service Manager SOO 3.5
CMS-XML EXPM dumps out the request templates of products which are nothing to do with the process model of the product exported
EXPM dumps out the request templates of products which are nothing to do with the process model of the product exported
CMS-XML If post transition script takes a while to run then no loading symbol is shown whilst script runnning
As this occurs it is possible to press the OK button a second time which leads to an error similar to: An error occurred while processing the last request Please contact your administrator
CMS-XML Dim12: Browse of a particular template takes 3 minutes in one product and seconds in another nearly 6 minutes
In CM_TYICAL 1. Installthe slow and fast templates (attached to the defect) into the process model and set the fast template for requests of type WP 2. Created a new CR and related 22000 items to it
CMS-XML Using a Multi Relational field pointing to another Primary Table isn't taking permissions into account.
If you change the mult relational field in Composer to display as Checkboxes you will see the following error in the UI if you open a form with this field on it and any of the items in the list you don't have permission to see. An error occurred while processing the last request . Please contact your administrator.
CMS-XML DM2009R2 Delegate request to de-assigned users - replace button not working
Customer did a delegate request to selected user by replace in the assigned user box. During delegation process the message showed about the user that was de-assigned from the role but after that it showed the message that it forwarded the request to all users including de-assigned. Customer did a check for all user inboxes that the request was forwarded, sure that they got the request.
CMS-XML Error: "org.jbpm.bpel.BpelException: process not found: name=00000$orchestrationName$ochDesginNumber, targetNamespace=null, version=xx"
ERROR [http-] [] [00000::] -- RuntimeException in request handler
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