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CMS-XML Cannot detach sub-project if item was moved to another folder using different case
The moved item appears correctly in FOLDER1 However, if user then tries to detach sub-project from main project, it returns the following error: Detach Project - COR3200040E Failed to locate FOLDER / in < product >:NS-<project>
CMS-XML Dim12: VM2DM Migration: Warning: baseline detail file: SAMPLE-BaselineDetail\SAMPLE-SAMPLE_LABEL_GAP_RE1 & GAP_RE3 _QA.detail not found
The second error which you are receiving of: Error: Label SAMPLE:SAMPLE_LABEL_GAP_RE1 & GAP_RE3 _QA (1 revisions), Baseline SAMPLE:SAMPLE_LABEL_GAP_RE1 & GAP_RE3 _QA (0 items) -- mismatch in product SAMPLE is also related to the first and how we do the validations. The mismatch in the product in this case is indicated because we are unable to validate the label and baseline.
CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
The Supported Platform Matrix outlines the product releases with their supported client-side and server-side information , including supported operating systems, browser, third party plugins, product integrations, character sets, and upgrade paths . To navigate to this page:
CMS-XML EXPM dumps out the request templates of products which are nothing to do with the process model of the product exported
<p>Process Model export file contains unwanted data pertaining to products other than the product specified for the process model export. </p>
CMS-XML 12.2.x : Find Item : when setting the "product" field to empty value, it returns items of all products instead od items of the current project
with a server and a 12.2 or desktop client, in the Find Item dialog box, let the "product" and "project" field to empty value then the Find Item returns the items of all products instead of the current project If using a 12.1.1 desktop client (still with the same server) then the Find Item returns only the items of the current project as expected
CMS-XML DIM CM: Find Item Options tab does not list values for status
Sometimes it can happen that the Status drop down on the Options tab of the Find Item dialog remains empty although a product , project and item type has been selected.
CMS-XML Desktop client find item does not perform global search unless project is set to $GLOBAL
When attempting to search for a specific filename across all products in the database, users may switch to the $GENERIC product and use the find item dialogue. Though most fields will search across all possible values if the field is blank, leaving the PROJECT field blank (or empty) will return no results. In order to search all projects, the PROJECT must be specified as $GLOBAL.
CMS-XML DMCM: Baseline template definition modified by creation of new item types
When item types are created in a new product with the same names as item types in existing products , any baseline templates using the existing types are changed to reference the newly created types. The template definition should be unchanged.
CMS-XML KM-DIM12: Desktop Client Find operation with no Product/Project selected takes a very long time to complete
When using Desktop Client to search for an item /request/baseline across all products /projects, it can take a very long time if no product and project is selected from the Find window.
CMS-XML Adding a URL to item containing certain characters can cause errors such that the item will no longer open in IE 7 & 8
Example of a URL that can cause an issue is: http://servername/ product %20360%202011.1/Technical%20Design%20Specifications/TSK01203%20-%20Partial%20Terminations%20for%20FX%20Option,%20Bond%20Option%20and%20Equity%20Option/DCHG068165-%20Enable%20Partial%20termination%20for%20Bond%20Option,%20FX%
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