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CMS-XML DIM CM 2009 R1: Error when creating a base database on SQL Server 2005
- install SQL Server 2005 - install Dimensions 2009 R ... - log in to dmdba and try to create a new Base DB using crdb ... The CRDB fails with "The specified schema name "<your schema name>" either does not exist or you do not have permission to use it." ... PCMS_SYS > crdb TEST2 /TOOLMAN=dmsys /BASEDON=TFR_PRD ... Dimensions uses the SQL Server stored procedure sp_adduser, which does not provide an option to disable the policy checks, hence the user creation fails .
CMS-XML Login to SBM fails: SBM gsoap application pool inadvertently changes from 64-bit to 32-bit
On 64-bit servers, if the Application Pool Defaults value in IIS is changed to 32-bit (either by an administrator or by another installed application), then the next time you apply changes in SBM Configurator, the dedicated gsoap application pool will also change to 32-bit mode (Configurator sets gsoap to match the default when you click Apply
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
Once the user is authenticated via LDAP, a SAML token will be issued to the client for the user. If the user exists in the client requesting authentication, the user will be logged in , otherwise a login failure will occur. For example, if I go to the Dimensions CM website, I will be redirected to the SBM SSO Engine where my login can be authenticated via LDAP.
CMS-XML Native components install fails on Red Hat Ent. Linux 5 64-bit, Firefox 3.6
Expected result: The native components are successfully installed and logging in to web client, invoking “Show differences” between two item revisions starts a file compare tool. Actual result:
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.1.1 - Certificate timeouts set too low in installation process
*** Log file opened: Tue Jan 31 14:07:25 2012 *** Login via certificate failed . Server Login Requested for :
CMS-XML DIM CM: Problems installing on German OS against SQL Server
When installing CM 12.1.1 on German 64 bit 2008 server against a German SQL Server the ODBC DSN will be created with a German language setting. This will cause the data import stpe to fail with the following error message: Connected to pcms_sys @DIM121 (Microsoft SQL Server)
CMS-XML Email Submit: IMAP connection uses Mailbox Name instead of Mailbox Email Address to login
After setting up the system to allow for email submit (See S138405 for details.), the emailclient.log ... 01/04/2012 12:57:32: IMAP Response failure , Command: LOGIN , Response: A1 BAD Too many arguments provided n3if51719575qcb.44
CMS-XML Dim CM Show mandatory attributes on requests as mandatory for all users
Set up a Role Section which requires an attribute to be entered when actioning a Request to a specific state. Login as a user who does not have the Request in their inbox, attempt to action the Request (which will fail anyway) and look at the attributes - the one in question is not shown as mandatory. If you login as a user who does have the role to action the Request the attribute IS listed as mandatory.
CMS-XML Mapping auth section to working data complex type doesn't use userid password
5. Assuming you have SSO turned on login with an admin account. 6. Do whatever transition you set up to make the orchestration run and look at the debug log. ... 10. Notice the orchestration should fail because this time it's using the userid and password specified.
CMS-XML DM Java 7 Update 21 and Java 6 Update 45 try to block the web client applet as being potentially unsafe
After installing Java 7 Update 21 or Java 6 Update 45, attempts to login to a VM I-Net servlet yield an error similar to: ... If you accidentally click "Block" (the default choice), the browser gets stuck in a loop trying to start the applet, failing each time.
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