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CMS-XML SOAP Fault String "Unexpected subelement XXXX"
The goal is to raise an external event with event manager at http://Server:8085/eventmanager/services/ALFEventManager?wsdl. Make a web service call for service ALFEventManager, function name EventNotice. After populating the necessary inputs, the web service call returns an error because some inputs were left unmapped.
CMS-XML Copy and Paste Form Action displays invalid warning message
Copying and pasting a form action from a transition form to a state form yields a warning message: "The Form Action contains one or more items that are not valid on the target form."
CMS-XML AE callback fails with ssl error when ssl is ON on Jboss
Access MM with https://hostname:8243/mashupmgr Edit target servers to use https and port 8243 AE webservice endpoints should have basic auth
CMS-XML Build target does not get deployed if post-event script exists.
User runs a build via Dimensions, and the build target is checked into Dimensions, and then subsequently deployed into deployment area associated with initial GSL stage. However, if a post-even script is specified for this deployment area, then this post-build deployment fails with the following error :
CMS-XML Dim12: When creating a new project, an error can occur if there is a 'space' at the end of the project name
When creating a new project, an error can occur if there is a 'space' at the end of the project name. DWS "QLARIUS:SPACE1 " /DESCRIPTION="space project" /WORKSET="QLARIUS:MAINLINE_JAVA_PRJ" /TYPE="WORKSET" /BRANCH /AUTO_REV /DEFAULT_CM_RULES /NOPATH_CONTROL /NOUSE_LOCAL_STAGES /COPY_CONFIG PCM9900001E Error : Project QLARIUS:SPACE1 does not exist COR4200030E TARGET
CMS-XML Validation Errors in SBM Composer for Invalid Field References
If you receive this validation error , recreate the references to the desired target control.
CMS-XML Cannot deploy Orchestration - [ERROR] META-INF/bpel-definition.xml could not read wsdl document
Completed validation of environment. Deploying to server "BPEL Target Server" at 04/07/11 10:19. INFO -- Processing orchestration named "PAS_Orch"
CMS-XML Attempting to view the Common Log in Application Admin gives error
-- Failed to get the marshalled object [http-] java.lang.NullPointerException You will see the above errors when target servers are not defined for the environment. Workaround is to define target servers.
CMS-XML 12.2 : when deploying a preserved load on z/os, got this error : MDHMDA4501692E Error: Failed to create metadata directory "//.dm/": mkdir() failed with 133 (EDC5133I No space left on device.)
++ File deployment statuses: ERROR : Upload failed for target - LOADLIB(AER121)
CMS-XML Unable to import process app from .msd with error "Error Failed to import webservice from ...
- No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it Very high "
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