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CMS-XML SDA: Browsing the contents of a component version may not display all files and directories
When a specific component is selected and then a specific version is selected, the user has an opportunity to click on the version name and then browse through the contents of the component version. This is accomplished by expanding directories and seeing the files underneath each directory.
CMS-XML SDA: serenara-client importVersion requires property named baseline for components of source type Dimensions
The online help indicates that a json file of the following form is required to import a version using the serenara-client command line:{ " component ": " Component name/ID", "properties": {
CMS-XML SDA: How to prevent Dimensions CM metadata from being imported in to an SDA Component Version
When you set up a Source Config Type of Dimensions CM in SDA and import new versions the files from the relevant Baseline will be imported into SDA but you'll also get the metadata by default.
CMS-XML Filesystem versioned import fails when case is changed in a directory from the previous import
Have a component with File System Versioned source type Configure it for automatic impot Have one version imported (e.g. Filedeleted)
CMS-XML Upload Artifacts Process Step may hang agent when Component Version Name contains ":"
When Component Version Name contains a ":" such as a baseline name from a Dimensions import, if the Upload Artifacts step is run on a Linux agent, it will hang the agent and fail to complete the process. The process will need to be cancelled and the agent may need to be restarted.
CMS-XML SDA Components with Source Type PVCS may fail to import files with long patnames
Files within a PVCS VM project that have a pathname ( folders and filename) that is long may fail to import into SDA. It is possible that no error will be presented to the user, the only indication that this has taken place is the fact that the file was not imported with the remainder of the files that make up this version.
CMS-XML Dim 14: When promoting a baseline the Deployment Automation job remains submitted
The product has been configured in Admin Console to use a DA Application The Stage being promoted to has been associated with the relevant DA environment/pipeline. The Baseline promote shows the related DA application and component , however when ever a relevant promotion has been, user goes to the Automation tab and can see the History reflects this but the status of the Automation operation remains at submitted.
CMS-XML DA Command Line: How to exclude a directory and directory contents from addVersionFiles
For example: da-client addVersionFiles - component QLARIUS -version 3.4 - include **/* -exclude "private/**/*" -base "D:\MyWorkfiles"
CMS-XML DA: An overview of event driven import of component versions
Many customers use the simplest method of automating import to occur at build time. The DA plugin for Jenkins (the one that you install into Jenkins), includes several post-build steps including the ability to publish artifacts to DA. This method imports the artifacts from the Build work area, or any directory you specify and creates a new version within DA (you specify the version name - it is easy to use the Jenkins build ID).
CMS-XML SDA: Using Powershell plugin on Windows Agent with space in the installation directory name gives error
The term 'C:\Program' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included , verify that the path is correct and try again.
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