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CMS-XML DIM CM: Modifying a CM Server installation to add Deployment Automation
DIM CM: Modifying a CM Server installation to add Deployment Automation
CMS-XML Configure the server to either resolve Set and Switch step expressions or pass them as-is
Configure the server to either resolve Set and Switch step expressions or pass them as-is
CMS-XML DA 6.1.2 : Deployment-Details report data not updated after changing "Status" filter
STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Have some application runs in DA server Open Deployment->Reports->Deployment-details
CMS-XML What to do if server performance is slow when automatically importing many component versions
To change the configuration value: 1. Stop the Serena Common Tomcat that is hosting your Deployment Automation server.
CMS-XML DA: Unable to connect to DA following a change of Oracle password for the DA schema. ORA-28000 found in the Tomcat log.
The problem here was that the Oracle password for the DA schema had been changed and was therefore out of step with the encrypted version of the password in the <installdir>/conf/ server / file. You can update the password entry in that file to be the plain text version of the current Oracle password and it will then be rewritten back in encrypted form when the connection to DA is made.
CMS-XML DA: Steps to change DA hostname or domain name
Update the file for each agent that will connect to the server using the new hostname or domain name.
CMS-XML SDA: What changes do you need to make to point an existing SDA Agent at an Agent Relay?
will have no value if this was previously an Agent that connected directly to the SDA server . The port number 20080 is the default so replace that with your chosen port number if different.
PDF How to Cause a DA Agent to Connect to a New DA Server
This is the same URL that is in the DA GUI at Administration | System | System Settings, and labeled “External Agent URL”. The agent will then attempt to connect to the HTTP port and perform a simple/test download of a small file. If this is successful, the agent status changes to “ONLINE”.
CMS-XML SDA gives error "SSO Gatekeeper error has occurred: Authentication processing error" with "Invalid federation server"
To resolve this message, modify the file gatekeeper-core-config.xml (located in C:\Program Files\Common\tomcat\8.0\alfssogatekeeper\conf ), changing the following parameters as shows here: <parameter name="SecurityTokenService" Type="xsd:anyURI">http://sbm-server:sbm-port/idp/services/Trust<parameter>
CMS-XML Agents don't appear online after a server upgrade to Deployment Automation version 6.1.1 or higher
..\Program Files\Serena\common\tomcat\7.0\conf), change the SSL enabled protocol attribute as follows. server.ssl.enabled.protocols=TLSv1.2,TLSv1.1,TLSv1,SSLv3,SSLv2Hello
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