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CMS-XML DA: LDAP authentication returns: Invalid username or password
I’ve upped the log4j settigns to “DEBUG”, but the only thing being written to the deployserver.out log file is “2017-05-04 07:01:17,241 - LDAP authentication failed: Error occurred while attempting to bind to LDAP as the user returned from a search. UserDN is: uid= dmsys ,ou=People,dc=maxcrc,dc=com”
CMS-XML SDA: Unable to import versions from PVCS Version Manager
Because SDA was being run as user dmsys following a Dimensions CM installation there was no VM environment defined as part of the user's login script. As a result, the user's .islvrc file did not have a licensing section (it was empty).
CMS-XML SDA 6.1.2: Installation alters ownership on more folders than it should
After the installation all folders, and most sub-folders, were owned by user dmsys which was the user nominated during the SDA installation as the owner of the files. This change in ownership particularly affected Oracle and prevented the database from starting up. Once the Oracle files and folder ownership was reset to user oracle the database could be started.
PDF Serena Deployment Automation Guide
-V IS_SELECTED_INSTALLATION_TYPE=typical -P installLocation="/opt/serena/sra" -V IS_DESTINATION="/opt/serena/sra" -V DbDetailsVendor="sqlserver" -V DbDetailsUser=" User 03" -V DbDetailsPwd="MyPassword" -V DbDetailsDriver="net.sourceforge.jtds. ... -V AdminDetailsName="admin123" -V AdminDetailsPwd="mypassword123" -V SctTomcatOwner=" dmsys " -V SctTomcatPort="8080"
CMS-XML DA: Examples of using the Deployment Automation silent installer to install into a Derby database
-P installLocation="/opt/serena/sra" -V ServerDetailsInstallLoc="/opt/serena/sra/ dmsys /.serena/ra" -V SctFoundLoc="true"
CMS-XML The silent installer option IS_DESTINATION is no longer included; it is replaced with ServerDetailsInstallLoc
-P installLocation="/opt/serena/sra" -V ServerDetailsInstallLoc="/opt/serena/sra/ dmsys /.serena/ra" -V DbDetailsVendor="oracle"

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