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CMS-XML DA: Request to run a Global Process using curl
The DA command line client does not have a command to run a global process. If you need to request a global process from a script or other tool, you may be able to use curl to request it.
CMS-XML When parameter includes Japanese characters, SDA passes it to batch script as corrupted string.
When SDA runs command which passes parameter including Japanese characters, Japanese parameter is not properly encoded, the command gets unexpected parameter value, and the command gets unexpected result.
CMS-XML SDA: Post Processing Script Evaluation Getting Started
Step 4: Update Global processs with Post Processing Script Step 5: Run the process and view the output properties Further task
CMS-XML Creating database views to use for running Deployment Automation reports
Execute the DDL script that creates the views. For example: ij> run 'c:\Program Files\Micro Focus\common\tomcat\8.5\webapps\da\WEB-INF\install\database\view\derby\view-schema.ddl';
PDF SDA: Post Processing Script Quick Start Tutorial
Note: The batch script uses the ver command to report on the Windows version currently being run. It also runs some batch code in order to extract number of bytes free on c:
CMS-XML SDA log screen does not display double byte characters correctly
When SDA 6.1.2 runs batch script and then the batch script outputs some double byte characters (for example, Japanese characters in Windows server), SDA log screen shows the double byte characters with incorrect encoding.
CMS-XML DA: Accented characters are not being preserved correctly when inserting data into tables using the Oracle SQL*Plus plugin
Using the Oracle SQL*Plus plugin a script was run that inserts data into an Oracle table. The data contained some accented characters but when these were viewed afterwards the characters were corrupted.
CMS-XML Error 1720 upgrading from SDA 6.1 to SDA 6.1.1
There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run . contact your support personnel or package vendor.
CMS-XML DA: "Error calculating the uncompressed size of bundled JRE or it is corrupt. Installation of bundled JRE failed."
The user ran the installer in script debugging mode and then saw another error: Extracting Bundled JRE.wc: : Invalid wide character
PDF 11019208215b64015d2e1d3fe80075dc#SDA 6.1.4 SilkCentral Tutorial.pdf
 Ensure Demo Project is active, if not, click the project title in the top right hand corner and select Demo Project.  In the toolbar, click New Child Requirement  Supply Name: Test Automation Script and Description: Script runs correctly and click OK  Click on the Tests menu and click New Test Container  Supply the Name: Script Container Product: Demo Product and click OK  Right click on Script Container and click New Child Test.
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