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USAGE Run Global Process step([$class: 'RunGlobalProcessNotifier', // DA server to publish to, configured in global settings.
PDF Using JVisualVM to monitor utilization (on Windows server)
Using JVisualVM to monitor utilization (on Windows server)
CMS-XML DA: Using jvisualvm to monitor JRE heap utilization and CPU utilization
DA: Using jvisualvm to monitor JRE heap utilization and CPU utilization
CMS-XML DA 6.x: does Deployment Automation use Struts
Struts are not used in DA and therefore security vulnerabilities of Struts do not affect the tool directly. In addition provided the version of Tomcat that the DA server runs on does not utilise Apache Struts, then there should not be an issue. Note: Further information on additional technologies utilised can be found in the read me, please refer to the 3rd party licence scection.
CMS-XML SDA 5.1.6: Wrong property value randomly used duplicate names are defined for a Component
3. On the Properties tab of the new component add a property in the top "Properties" section, again called "install.dir" and give it a different value. 4. Define a process which contains a step that uses ${p:install.dir} In the reported case the user found that someone had defined a duplicate property and, when they looked back over the logs, they could see that there was random usage of the property from the template or the one defined directly on the component.
MS-WORD Mitigating POODLE in Serena Deployment Automation.doc
With this being a protocol bug instead of a product bug the mitigation step is to remove the usage of this protocol from our web server. This means if you have configured your Serena Common Tomcat to enable SSL connections it will needs to be reconfigured to disallow SSL 3.0 connections.
PDF Serena Deployment Automation Guide
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