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PDF Serena Deployment Automation Guide
... that provides remote access to the repository ... ... do not need access to the storage ... ... Deployment Automation, log in to the web ... Note: If the imported component has the Import Versions Automatically parameter set to true, the new component will automatically import component versions as long as the artifacts are accessible to the importing server. ... Accessing the Process Editor [page 171] ... Accessing the Process Editor This topic tell how to access the Process Editor for designing component, application, or generic processes. To access the Process Editor: ... User The username to authenticate as during impersonation.
CMS-XML Authentication Required when access localhost:8080
Authentication Required when access localhost:8080
CMS-XML DA: Mistakenly edited Internal Security/Internal Storage Authentication Realm and now cannot login
In order to configure DA for LDAP authentication , a new authentication realm should be added. From time to time, some folks will mistakenly edit the "Internal Security/Internal Storage" realm and attempt to use it for the LDAP realm. This may leave DA in a configuration where no one is able to log in.
CMS-XML Install: Unable to access serena_ra login page after install
When installing the incorrect details were placed in the JDBC driver for Oracle. In turn, Serena Release Automation is installed but accessing the login page does not occur.
CMS-XML DA: LDAP authentication returns: Invalid username or password
I’m trying to connect DA to an LDAP service for authentication. I’m able to import LDAP users, but when I try to login as them, I just receive “Invalid username or password”.
CMS-XML DA 6.3.3 : Does "Deployment Automation User Login" support Windows 2016 Active Directory?
There is no specific statement anywhere that mentions this. However one of the authentication methods supported in DA is via the LDAP protocol and Windows 2016 Active Directory should be compatible with this.
CMS-XML SDA gives error "SSO Gatekeeper error has occurred: Authentication processing error" with "Invalid federation server"
Invalid federation server URL: $HTTP_OR_HTTPS://$HOSTNAME:$PORT/idp/ login ?wa=wsignin1.0&wreply=http%3A%2F%2Fsoo4%3A8080%2Fserena_ra%2F&wctx=2%3A223680404&wct=2016-06-02T20%
CMS-XML DA: Error: Cannot submit login data over a GET request.
Errors such as this are expected and can safely be ignored. This type of error will occur when a user that is not authorized for DA attempts to perform a query. For example, this might happen when the server is restarted and some user's browser tabs are still trying to poll the server with an outdated authentication token.
CMS-XML DA configured with SSO gives error 403 - Forbidden at logon
Open the SBM Configurator. Go to Authentication . (a screen capture of this screen is attached)
CMS-XML SDA: Error "The base filesystem path for this component does not exist"
When the process was viewed using ProcMon it was clear that the Tomcat8 process was denied access to the relevant Windows share. This is because the service runs as Local System but when attempting to access a network location it doesn't provide any authentication so effectively connects as "anonymous". Altering the Tomcat8 service to run as an Administrator user allows the network share to be used.
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