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CMS-XML DA 6.3.3 : Does "Deployment Automation User Login" support Windows 2016 Active Directory?
There is no specific statement anywhere that mentions this. However one of the authentication methods supported in DA is via the LDAP protocol and Windows 2016 Active Directory should be compatible with this.
CMS-XML Are you seeing too many active sessions from your REST calls to DA?
<session-timeout>30</session-timeout> </session-config> When a user connects to the system from the UI, the user is authenticated once and then they provide the session id. That is how we know that the user uses the same session.
CMS-XML SRA removing LDAP authorization realm does not remove that realms groups and users from the DB
- When this is activated , it automatically imports a range of groups and matches any membership of those groups against the users defined in SRA Authentication Realms. It groups are removed, they are automatically re-imported.
CMS-XML Reconfiguring settings for active-active component version auto import and JMS message queues
Reconfiguring settings for active - active component version auto import and JMS message queues
CMS-XML DA 6.2.2: How to change the Component Versions icon to only show the number of active versions.
DA 6.2.2: How to change the Component Versions icon to only show the number of active versions.
PDF Serena Deployment Automation Guide
Once LDAP configuration is complete, when a new user logs on using their LDAP credentials, they will be listed on the Authentication Realms pane. You should not manage user passwords or remove users from the list. If an active user is removed from Deployment Automation, they will still be able to log onto the server as long as their LDAP credentials are valid.
CMS-XML DA - The page listing my agents is blank
The indexes of the DA database should be rebuild periodically. The frequency will depend on how dynamic your data is, however, weekly is a good place to start for an active database. The specific instructions for rebuilding these indexes will vary based upon your database.
CMS-XML SDA: Configuring Unauthenticated Mode for HTTP Communications
NOTE: Because agent relays do not automatically activate SSL security, you must turn it on during relay installation or before attempting to connect to the relay. Without SSL security active , agent relays cannot communicate with the server or remote agents.
CMS-XML SDA: How to check status of an agent using command line
"name": "LCL_Agent1", " active ": true, "impersonationPassword": ",
PDF 11019208215b64015d2e1d3fe80075dc#SDA 6.1.4 SilkCentral Tutorial.pdf
 Click on the Requirements menu.  Ensure Demo Project is active , if not, click the project title in the top right hand corner and select Demo Project.  In the toolbar, click New Child Requirement  Supply Name: Test Automation Script and Description: Script runs correctly and click OK
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