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CMS-XML Only DMSYS can replicate if DM_PRODUCT_USER is enabled
Only DMSYS can replicate if DM_PRODUCT_USER is enabled
CMS-XML Dim12: Deploy: MDHNET4502541E Error: Unable to insert deployment lock for database
When reviewing the deployment logs, the following is occurring: 2012/05/29 21:45:41 UTC 0.001 T T3316 DDeployServerAppImpl::dumpConfig: Database[0] = { dmsys , <*****>, MYSERVER, CM_TYPICAL@DIM12} 2012/05/29 21:45:41 UTC 0.015 T T3316 DDeployServerAppImpl::waitForHandshake: Waiting for parent process handshake to complete.
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Delegation wizard not working correctly in Web Client
- Using the QLARIUS demo product set up users dmsys , user1 and user2 with the real role of IMPLEMENTOR and also Delegation Candidate for the same role
CMS-XML Dim12.1: Comment for the action is incorrect stored in the request history
1.Login to CM_TYPICAL as DMSYS and action a CR to a new state, ensuring that the comment section is filled out before submitting the command 2. Note the resultant command generated in AC "QLARIUS_CR_43"/STATUS="IN TEST" /COMMENT="CommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCo"
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: UREG command gives an error when User Interface Profile was previously assigned
Using the Intermediate basedatabase, log into Admin Console. 2. Create a User Interface Profile and assign to User2. 3. Log into DMCLI as the dmsys user. 4. Delete the user running the following command: xreg user2 /keep This will in turn delete the user2 user in the Intermediate basedatabase.
CMS-XML Symbol DM_GET_KEEP_PERMS is not working with Java API
First we create a file on our linux box 1) [ dmsys @stl-sup-rh1 tmp]$ touch serena.txt 2) [dmsys@stl-sup-rh1 tmp]$chmod 777 serena.txt
CMS-XML 12.2.x / activating sdp trace on server makes empty contents of remote unix work area
step 2 : login to desktop client step 3 : in the work area field : tape stl-sup-aix3::/home/ dmsys /jm/ => contents of area is then empty (see slide 1) (Note that if you define a work area with the same location in admin console (see slide 2) and tape the area-id:: in the work area field in desktop client then we can see the contents (see slide 3))
CMS-XML DIM12.2: crdb /basedon copies privilege assignments that cannot be deleted
- open dmdba against this Oracle instance - run "crdb TEST1 /toolman= dmsys /basedon=CM_TYPICAL /product=QLARIUS /installviews" - once created log in to the adminconsole against base DB TEST1
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Request Deploy to Area user privileges not recognized
- Create a new product using CM 12.2 based on CM_TYPICAL $GENERIC. - Make sure user DMSYS (the admin user) and one other user e.g. USER1 have roles DEVELOPER and IMPLEMENTOR - Make sure the Request type CR has the TITLE attribute and a template assigned
CMS-XML / Customized menu creates a duplicate entry in the menu
d) logout from desktop client e) login with dmsys which is not assigned to the UI profile defined step a) (i.e dmsys have access to all menus and all commands) f) naviguate to the "Projects" menu then you will find two entries for the "preferences" : the one by default and the one added by user2 in step c) thru "Customize Menu and Toolbar" option
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