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CMS-XML DASHBOARD: All reports return a 404 error
If you did not install Dashboard into the default location and you are seeing 404 errors instead of the reports please check the following file for the correct path: ...Dimensions 12.2\Common Tools\ tomcat \6.0\conf\Catalina\localhost\ibi_apps.xml It needs to point to the directory where WebFOCUS is installed
CMS-XML Dashboard does not open at all, login screen does not draw
This will happen if Tomcat is no longer running on the Dashboard server. Verify that the service called "Serena Common Tomcat" is running.
CMS-XML Dashboard login screen will open, but no users are able to login
Edit the file (by default in C:\Program Files\Serena\common\ tomcat \6.0\webapps\ALMDashboard) Find the list that starts with login_debug, and change the value to 1. Save the file.
CMS-XML Dashboard opens but all graphs give error 404 Cannot display the webpage (in IE) and Unable to connect (in Firefox)
Edit the file. By default, this file is located in C:\Program Files\Serena\common\ tomcat \6.0\webapps\ALMDashboard
CMS-XML Deploy Tasks are stuck at "In Progress" even though the task is complete
The log at Program Files\Common\ tomcat \6.0\logs\alm.log will have an "Invalid User ID or Password" exception such as:
CMS-XML RC 3.3 - unable to do a clean install with SSO & Common Tools
You may then also need to verify that the URL is correct in the gatekeeper-core-config.xml file in the "\ tomcat \6.0\alfssogatekeeper\conf" directory, as for non-SSL installations an invalid space is added after the port number as here :
CMS-XML Login screen does not open and the Dashboard shows error "File Not Found"
Verify that the Dashboard has been installed on the server. By default, the installer will create a ALMDashboard folder here: C:\Program Files\Serena\common\ tomcat \6.0\webapps\ALMDashboard
CMS-XML How to create a new graph and add it to Dashboard
Navigate to the graphs folder under the Tomcat Dashboard folder (by default: C:\Program Files\Serena\common\ tomcat \6.0\webapps\ALMDashboard\graphs) Copy an existing TXT file to create a new file. Edit the TXT file.

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