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CMS-XML Dashboard: When using url of :8080/dashboard/login, SSO fails.
Workaround: change the normal url to :8080/dashboard/index
CMS-XML Dashboard: Java Error on Server Startup - failed to load JVM
Select the Advanced tab, and then left click on the Environment Variables button toward the bottom of the window. In the System Variables area, select New Add a variable named "JAVA_HOME" <==== NOTE THE CHANGE IN THE VARIABLE NAME
CMS-XML Dashboard opens but all graphs give error 404 Cannot display the webpage (in IE) and Unable to connect (in Firefox)
The value given here is not valid from the client machines. If the server is given as localhost, change it to be the server name. If the server name is given here, try giving the fully qualified server name (i.e.
CMS-XML DASHBOARD: How to enter a new license
enter the license, then restart Alternatively, you can edit the server configuration file: Start | All Programs | Information Builders | Configure Options | Edit Server Configuration File – EDASERVE.CFG
CMS-XML How to rename a machine hosting Dashboard (WebFOCUS Server)
How to rename a machine hosting Dashboard (WebFOCUS Server )
CMS-XML Dashboard opens but all graphs give "Error attaching to Reporting Server: NAME"
Dashboard opens but all graphs give "Error attaching to Reporting Server : NAME"
CMS-XML DASHBOARD: All reports return 404 errors
404 errors basically mean that there is something wrong with the reporting server . One possible cause is that JSCOM3 could not load the Java libraries. To verify, start the WebConsole ( http://localhost:8121 ) and click on Workspace | Configuration/Monitor.
CMS-XML Dashboard does not open at all, login screen does not draw
Cannot display the webpage Can't establish a connection to the server Unable to connect
CMS-XML DVM: Impossible to launch Web Administrator under DVM shell in SBM10.1
When launching DVM with its shell (http://< server >/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?shell=dvm) it is not possible to start the web administrator.
CMS-XML Graph shows with scroll bars instead of resizing for the space
To force the graph to automatically resize to fix the view layout: Open WebFOCUS Developer Studio. Navigate under Environments \ localhost \ Data Servers \ EDASERVE \ Applications \ almdashboard \ Procedures.
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