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Please visit our products downloads page to obtain documentation on your product. For particular articles regarding your issue, try making your search more specific.
CMS-XML Can COMPAREX compare an active database with an archived (image copy) version?
Can COMPAREX compare an active database with an archived (image copy) version?
CMS-XML VSE: "CANNOT FIND DBDNAME IN PSB" error running DL/I comparison
DL/I to DL/I database comparisons end with the message: CPXDLI/DL/1 - CANNOT FIND DBDNAME IN PSB. The 8.2.2 version of COMPAREX.PHASE runs successfully with the existing PSB PHASE, whereas CPX 8.5.2 produces the error message consistently.
CMS-XML How to get CPX Error messages in text format for use with QuickRef by ChicagoSoft ?
QuickRef by ChicagoSoft provides a quick look-up of error messages and codes. Since QuickRef does not have CPX messages and codes in their database , customer wants to add them to a User Database to maintain themselves. The documentation is provided in Adobe PDF which cannot be translated into Mainframe text.
CMS-XML Adabas-natural following comparex job execution, entry for job placed in queue
Following the comparex job execution, and entry for the job is added to the adabas-natural queue. When a user ran many comparex jobs, the addition of an entry for each job caused the queue to fill and caused a lockup of the database until all entries could be stopped which flushes them from the queue.
CMS-XML Are Serena products affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug?
Serena's R&D teams have determined that our products are not vulnerable to the bug. Specifically reviewed were: SBM ChangeMan ZMF and all other mainframe products
MS-EXCEL Comparex_8.6.1_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
Not Applicable Database Database
CMS-XML S0C4 in CPX when interfacing with DB2 v8 or v9
CMS-XML Questions and issues regarding CPX862.IFACE(COMPAREE)
44CC44E7FFFCFCFC76E7FCFCFCFC76E7FCFCFCFC76E7FCFCFCFC74554444444455555B44 0043007D50424242 DB 7D42424242 DB 7D42425152 DB 7D53545556D0C000000000ABCDE000 and for '6A' is a x'4F'?
CMS-XML ROSCOEcomparison abends with S0C1
REGS 8-15: 00465300 0043A910 0043B910 0043C910 0043D910 00465308 8043D52E 00000000 STACK OFFSETS: 09735 09738 1071E 081C7 0FE45 10731 ????? 114 DB 11727 MACHINE INSTR: NOT AVAILABLE
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