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CMS-XML Are Serena products affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug?
The nature of the bug is such that secure connections to a server are vulnerable to potential bleeding of somewhat random server memory into a response to a client . ... Dimensions CM Dimensions RM
CMS-XML z/OS 2.5 Compatibility with ChangeMan ZMF, ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack, ChangeMan SSM, Comparex, StarTool FDM and StarTool IOO
ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack 8.2 Patch 5 ChangeMan
MS-EXCEL Comparex_8.6.1_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
The "Server OS" worksheet describes the Server operating systems The " Client OS" worksheet describes the Client operating systems The "Database Management Systems" worksheet describes which DBMS versions are supported
CMS-XML Licensing implications of z15 System Recovery Boost feature on ChangeMan ZMF, ChangeMan SSM, Comparex, StarTool FDM, and StarTool IOO
[1] Shuts down the system substantially faster than any prior Z machine. [2] Helps restart and recover the middleware environment and client workloads substantially faster than on any prior Z machine. [3] Delivers higher processor capacity for a limited time following an IPL during a boost period so that the operating system can start faster and client workloads can catch up and work through a backlog after a downtime."
CMS-XML InstallShield Wizard
Questions have surfaced from customers regarding the InstallShield Wizard used on mainframe products used for mainframe products shippped on CD. 1) Does the InstallShield Wizard install the mainframe product on the PC? 2) Why are entries for StarTool being written to the PC register?
CMS-XML MASKing the end of a record
Customer had a 'standard' 80-byte record and wanted to mask the last 11 bytes, so they specified 'MASK=(69,11)'. When the comparison ran, they got the following message in the SYSOUT:
CMS-XML Does Comparex support IBM Shark DASD?
Customer is upgading to IBM Shark DASD and wants to know if Comparex supports these devices?
CMS-XML How to modify the EBCDIC translation table
Some customers , especially those in foreign countries that use a different character set than the US, may find that their characters are displaying in the output as a period (.) instead of as they were defined. For example, a customer in Israel assigned the Hebrew alphabet to EBCDIC code X'41' through X'79', inclusive, and Comparex did not correctly display these values.
CMS-XML LIC0021E and LIC0025E errors
Customer has multiple Serena products which all use the new XML licensing tool. An end-user accessed ChangeMan ZMF; then from split-screen; attempted to access Comparex, but received
CMS-XML SERCMPAR missing changes in cobol programs
Customer is running a COMPARE in ZMF 5.5.3 against a COBOL program. The compare was run with a TEXT TYPE of '.' and also 'COBOL' with same results. Running with a TEXT TYPE of 'JCL' seems to produce correct results but, should not be required...this is a COBOL program.
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