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CMS-XML KEY descriptor value not being displayed
One can specify KEYSONLY and have a FIELD lay over the exact same bytes (displacement and length) as the KEY, and that FIELD will always be displayed. Customer has KEY fields defined with KEY statements and with FIELD statements, but the values of the KEY fields are still not displayed.
CMS-XML CMS: Listing writing to disk instead of virtual printer
In COMPAREX CMS version 7.2.0 using the SYSIN parm, unless CMSPRINT is specified, the output goes to PRT. In COMPAREX CMS version 8.5.2 using the SYSIN parm, the COMPAREX LISTING always goes to disk even though CMSPRINT was not specified.
CMS-XML Getting CPX90A & CPX31A errors running an online comparison
Always issue a CLEAR VARIABLES command, Comparex Option 5, to ensure that you're starting your online comparison with a clean slate. Some particular keyword might have been specified in a previous session and it has been retained and invoked in your currect comparison routine.
CMS-XML Wrong selection of DB2 subsystem.
- select D - DB2 Table Selection - use * in 'DB2 Subsystem' field to get list of DB2 subsystems - use of tab to select DB2 system does not always select the correct DB2 subsystem name
CMS-XML MASKing the end of a record
FIELD=(1,69),FIELD=(81,END) because CPX always covers both before and after the MASK area.
CMS-XML Using Random Keys within COMPAREX
Does it make a difference which file is SYSUT1 and which is SYSUT2? It shouldn't, because the secret to getting better matches is always to increase the buffer size. But since this increases the CPU time required, it should not be made any bigger than necessary.
TEXT cpxoptns.txt
24-bit SPIE (for FACOM & VSP) OPTOLNEW EQU x'10' .O L D/N E W instead of O N E/T W O OPTCVMON EQU x'08' . always convert alphabetic months OPTDMY EQU x'04' .dates in day/month/year order OPTTRUNC EQU x'02' .truncate

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