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CMS-XML XML License Installation Quick Start for Mainframe Products
5 . Allow the product access to the license. This is done by either:
CMS-XML "CATCH-ALL" FIELD statement missing starting in release 8.5
"CATCH-ALL" FIELD statement missing starting in release 8.5
CMS-XML Getting CPX90A & CPX31A errors running an online comparison
Always issue a CLEAR VARIABLES command, Comparex Option 5 , to ensure that you're starting your online comparison with a clean slate. Some particular keyword might have been specified in a previous session and it has been retained and invoked in your currect comparison routine.
TEXT cpxbstus.txt
3 bits SLL R1,2 bits CLC DQUADWD(2),2(R1) test first two bytes of keyword BE GETKWNO 5 -found, branch BH GETKWNO3 -high, branch around LR R3,R1 -low, reset high end of range B GETKWNO2 -low, loop it GETKWNO3 CR R2,R1 -high, is search exhausted?
After installing Comparex 8.5.0 and invoking Comparex for the first time from ISPF, the following error is occurring: COMMAND CPX$ISPF NOT FOUND ISPD223
CMS-XML CPX support for PDS/E
Starting with Comparex 8.5.2, PDS/e libraries can be compared. Comparex release 8.6 processes binder program objects through binder format level 4. However, not all binder options are compared, and it is possible for certain functions (e.g. Data Link Libraries (DLLs) or C++ 'mangled' names) to generate incorrect results. Further enhancements are underway to improve capabilities in this area.
CMS-XML product installer has 'view ftp log' missing
As part of the comparex installation under START PROGRAMS/SERENA/COMPAREX 870, the following used to display for a product - 'edit ftp input' - 'FTP files to host'
CMS-XML InstallShield hangs when specifying a network drive
If specifying a network drive when attempting to download the Comparex exe (CPXMVS860.exe or CPXMVS861.exe), rather than a local drive, the InstallShield starts and processing is successful until "Publishing product information" is encountered. At this point progress halts. Task Manager shows process Idriver.exe consuming 100% of CPU on the PC; this continues for more than 5 minutes, at which point the process must be cancelled. Then InstallShield displays message "1628: Failed to complete installation".
CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
The Product Lifecycle page lists each product release, its status and the end of support date. Start at the Product Lifecycle page. Search for you product in the dropdown list.
CMS-XML CSECT compare with PDS vs PDSE shows CSECT as inserted
CSECT compare with PDS -v- PDSE receives RC=4. The first csect is flagged as being inserted when it exists in both data sets. Command ===>
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