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CMS-XML Comparex 8.8.0 looks for wrong M+R license name.
Comparex 8.8.0 looks for wrong M+R license name .
CMS-XML CPX93A specifying DB2 table names greater than 16 characters
When coding the TS (Table Split) parameter for a DB2 comparison, in order to specify a Table Name greater than 16 characters, the job ends with a CPX93A error . There was a notation that CPX can now handle a name that is 32 bytes long, which more than adequately covers a table name that might be used, so the TS= is not necessary however,this does not appear to be implemented.
When upgrading from a previous release of COMPAREX, it is common to bypass installation steps thinking they are not necessary. However if the COMPAREX load library name has changed, the old library name will still be specified in the CPXINOPT member in the TABLES library. To correct this, update the CPXDSN member located in 'somnode.COMPAREX.SYSGEN' with the new load library name, then re-execute the ISPF SYSGEN process, as explained in the Install Guide.
CMS-XML GDG dataset on panels sysut1 and sysut2 results in IKJ56709I INVALID DATA SET NAME
Comparex does not allow specification of GDG datasets using the relative notation or parenthesis for the version; they must be fully qualified. An IKJ56709I INVALID DATA SET NAME error results. ----------------------- Dataset Names and Brief Options -----------------------
CMS-XML Getting "ISPT034 - Table is not open" errors exiting COMPAREX
) NEWAPPL(CPX) PASSLIB This change was made to ensure that COMPAREX supports the non-loss of COMPAREX variables if the ISPF session goes down. If a customer used a different value for prior releases such as NEWAPPL(COMP) they will need to rename the ISPF PROFILE member name from COMPPROF to CPXPROF - for each COMPAREX user - in order for COMPAREX to find and use previously save profiles.
CLIST processing does not allow comments within the allocation. Removing the commented line will allow the CLIST to execute without further errors .
CMS-XML S0C4 and CPX46A - Binder error 83FF0C40 comparing CSECTS with DATA=CSECT against PDSE data sets
ACTIVE LOAD MODULE ADDRESS=00007E08 OFFSET=000155E2 NAME =COMPAREX DATA AT PSW 0001D3E4 - 58E07014 18F10E0E 50007090
CMS-XML Receive error message 'IEW2971T ' when comparing PDSE on z/os.
303 NO ACTIVE MODULE FOUND 303 NAME =UNKNOWN 303 DATA AT PSW 01532D58 - 00181610 0A0D18CE 18FB180C
CMS-XML IKJ56709I INVALID DATA SET NAME results if profile not cleared before using native db2 in Comparex
Table: ===> order + 4) entering GO results in the error message Press GO to continue; enter END command to exit.
CMS-XML PDSE to PDSE compare erroneously reporting differences for modules
Customer claims comparex 8.7.0 is reporting erroneous mismatches for 8 identically named members which are in each library. Differences reported and against which modules does not match that in CPX 8.6.2. Only module in common between 8.6.2 and 8.7.0 is G1CPDLA.
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