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CMS-XML MCLG: Not getting emails from certain users when using tasks.
When certain users create a task or push a task through the various states no email is being sent .
CMS-XML MCLG: How to change the server name in the link to the task in the automatic task emails
When a task is assigned to you, an email is automatically sent to you. As part of this email, there is a link that will automatically open the task. The link is formed using the machine name of the Collage server.
CMS-XML MCLG: Configuring Collage to use a email server or change the smtp server that is currently being used.
Collage can be setup to send emails when a deploy is finished, when a backup is finished, or when a workflow task is transitioned from state to state. Before this feature is used, verify that Collage is configured to use the correct email server.
CMS-XML MCLG: How to customize task emails
Beginning in Collage 5.1, you can customize the emails that are sent out from tasks.
CMS-XML MCLG: How to customize emails for scheduled activities such as deploy, import, and backup
Beginning in Collage 5.1, you can customize the emails that are sent out from scheduled activities such as deploys, imports, backups, verify links, and server commands.
CMS-XML MCLG: Backup guidelines for project and admin databases
For the Email Notification option, it is recommended that you choose to send an email "On Error" or "On Completion", and enter a valid email where the notifications should be sent. To verify that Collage is configured to send emails , see KB S112405 .
HTML Serena® Collage® Version 5.1.3 Release Notes
2.7 Database DEF87158: During installation, the administration database connection verification will fail in the Microsoft SQL user has "master" set as the default database. DEF90040: Scheduled backups of Admin databases fail to send email notifications, and the backup may hang after the initial run. DEF90401: When you schedule a backup of the Admin database, you are prompted for the system password, even when the system password is already stored on the Database Servers screen.
PDF Introduction to Serena Collage
Select the Send email notifications for current tasks check box. Notifications about current tasks will always display in your Home | Inbox view.
PDF Serena Collage Project Manager's Guide
7 On the Schedule page, Select the Schedule check box, then click the button to display a calendar and choose a date. If you want to repeatedly reactivate this task, enter a frequency in the Repeat every field. To send e-mail notifications, choose On completion or On error from the Email notification list, then complete the e-mail options.
PDF User’s Guide for Collage Contributor
If you want to... Then... Direct the form to a file that’s already in Collage a Select the Internal tab. b From the list of folders on the left, browse to find the location of the file you want to direct the form to. Direct the form to a file on an external Web page, or send the form data via e- mail
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