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CMS-XML MCLG: How to setup dynamic preview for ASP, ASPX, PHP, CFM pages
... to the location specified by the value ... Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service ... ... of 80, specify the correct port ... : If a file name or deploy folder name contains multiple underscores(_) or other special characters the result could be a File not found (404) error when previewing files. The ... Eventually the file name exceeds the 255 character limit of Windows and the error occurs. ... If the site has never been deployed, a "Directory browsing not allowed" error will occur because the included file cannot be found on the web server.
PDF User’s Guide for Collage Contributor
... files in a specified directory. ... values that you specify , or results ... Indicates names that are placeholders for values you specify ; for example, filename. ... * Global project settings, such as the default master page ... * Modifying global project settings ... * Never: Prevents a summary page from appearing after any action, except when errors occur. Default Collage View Specifies which Collage user interface to open after you log in and choose a project. ... Choose editor Allows you to specify the file editor for each file type that you plan on working with in BUI.
PDF Introduction to Serena Collage
ABC company is building a site to create a presence on the World Wide Web. ... Report Display information about a deploy activity, including a list of deployed assets, and errors . ... Report Display information about a deploy activity, including a list of deployed assets, and errors . ... Purge Log Delete all unused asset versions and history before a specified date.
PDF Serena Collage Components User's Guide
... alternate layout file specified by the AssetQuery's ... ... on a more global scale by inserting ... ... will get an error when you click ... ... 57 masterpagebody 80 MetaTag 82 Navigation Bar 84 example code 22 testing 18 details pages AssetQuery 32 Database Query 70 developing components, requirements 16 documents, contribution laying out 124 metadata 127 properties 130 DreamWeaver, integrating with 16 drivers, specifying for data sources 63
PDF Serena Collage Project Manager's Guide
... created before the specified date and which ... ... 233 defining 269 error on match 270 error search string 270 ... ... 137 drivers, specifying for data sources ... ... , tracking 221 error on match, custom root 270 error search string, ... ... , assets 12 global project properties 74 ... ... JDBC driver, specifying for data sources ... ... 266 password, specifying for data sources ... ... 96 remote commands about running 236 defining 272, 273 defining Deploy Agents for 267 example 237 remote error commands 272, ... 233 defining 269 error on match 270 error search string 270 example 233 mapping to server locations 271
CMS-XML MCLG: Project rebuild gives error "***** SQL error: Specified database is invalid"
If the Sybase project you are rebuilding contains an ampersand (&), you get an error when running a rebuild on this project. As an example, if the project is named "this_&_that.db", the complete Sybase error will be:
CMS-XML MCLG: Invalid system user is specified for the database server.
There is a configuration option with MSSQL server that either allows the server to respond to a static port (1433 by default) or a dynamic port. In order for Collage to work with MSSQL it has to be set to respond to a static port. The MSSQL documentation has details on how to set that up but if MSSQL is setup to use dynamic ports you will see the error listed in this kb doc.
CMS-XML MCLG: Message ''error: IncludeAsset: C:\cmsessions\Sessions\NASTask8\a147.tmp (The system cannot find the file specified)'' in deploy activity log
An error similar to the following may occur in the Errors Reported area of the deploy activity log: Generating: /website/style/masterpages/includes/inc_featured.html
CMS-XML MCLG: Migrating or Copying project and get The system cannot find the path specified
Full error . INF 2007/12/15 12:23:19 PST-- SQL: SQLMigrator.exportTable: exporting table TaskLog INF 2007/12/15 12:23:19 PST-- SQL: SQLMigrator.exportTable: exporting table TaskLogData
CMS-XML MCLG 5.1: After upgrade get "FATAL ERROR: Init parameter to servlet 'nasPropertiesPath' was not specified"
After an upgrade installation, the following error may appear in the Collage log files. (For more information on how to check the log files, see S128956 .) Also, when you go to the Collage login screen, you will get an HTTP error 500.
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