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HTML Serena® Collage® Version 5.1.3 Release Notes
2.8 Deployment ... set to If referenced ... that includes a reference to a file ... ... 90966: After deleting assets that had ... ... messages about the deleted assets still appear ... ... an asset that references an assets that has been permanently deleted from Collage, ... ... of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_ ... ... SQLServer]The statement has been terminated ... ... Website may be deleted and only the ... DEF102027: Folder and Asset deployments do not remove expired or deleted assets. ... DEF77233: Large FTP file operations do not fail when the timeout limit is reached. ... The options instead always defaults to Selected files, no references
HTML Serena® Collage® Version 5.1.3 Readme File
4.4 Integration Issues 4.4.2 (DEF74904) Macromedia Contribute: Deleting Files That Are Referenced by Other Files Fails Without Error ... When you try to delete a file from Contribute that is referenced by other files, the deletion fails, and no error is displayed in Contribute. ... One or more assets being deleted are currently being used/ referenced by other assets. Delete anyway? To delete the file, use Collage instead. ... setting is restricted to contribution folders only.
CMS-XML MCLG: Error in deploy log saying ''error: refers to permanently deleted asset''
test1.html has a link in it that references test2.html (asset id #123).
CMS-XML MCLG: Delete unsuccessful, to delete an activity in a project, you must have that project opened. When deleting a scheduled activity.
The fast way to get rid of these is to run some sql First run these sql statements against the admin database select * from taskschedule
CMS-XML MCLG: IE crashes with error: Application Error: The instruction at "0x0bbab0c5" referenced memory memory at "0x00000034"
This is usually caused by a conflict between Collage and one or more installed browser extensions. To test if this is the cause of your browser crashes, in IE, open Tools | Internet Options | Advanced. Under the Browsing section, uncheck the option that says "Enable third party browser extensions".
CMS-XML How to resolve Tomcat port conflicts when VM I-Net and/or Dimensions I-Net and/or Collage and/or Mover are installed on the same server
General Information * By default, Mover 2.0+ uses a 8900 port series to help eliminate port conflicts .
CMS-XML MCLG: Collage Patch to upgrade 5.1.3.x to - Purge gives "Primary key for row in table 'Asset' is referenced by foreign key
Activity not started User: <username> is not member of a group that owns the Project (DEF130601, DEF130602) When using the Contribution Editor with Internet Explorer, pressing the Delete , Backspace, or Enter key may cause all bold, underline, or italic formatting in the document to be lost.
CMS-XML MCLG: Edit MIME type gives error " Failed modifying MIME-type. Unknown error occured"
Due to a limitation in the software Collage will allow you to delete an asset type even if a custom mime type is using it which will lead to this error. You can usually see the problem when you attempt to edit the mime type and the "Associated Asset Type" field is blank. When you try to edit the MIME type to point to another asset-type, the following error occurs.
CMS-XML MCLG: Unix: Post-Deployment Clean-up of Removed Files May Fail during incremental deploy.
The incremental deployment feature, which allows you to deploy only changed files, attempts to remove any files from the target servers that have been deleted or moved from the corresponding deploy folder in Collage, including files that are only deployed if referenced by another file. However, this may fail on Solaris or Linux if the Timezone environment variable for the Tomcat server is not set to a valid value.
PDF Serena Collage Project Manager's Guide
NOTE If any assets contained components that referenced the now deleted assets, they will be re-deployed to make sure that there are no broken links. For example, if an asset contained an AssetQuery component that generated a link to the now deleted asset, it will be re-deployed without the link to the deleted asset.
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