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CMS-XML Baseline library member names containing national characters are not being translated correctly
Component/member names in baseline libraries that contain 'national' characters (i.e. #, @ and $ in US terms) are not being translated in the expected manner for non-US environments. They can be browsed but attempts to execute functions against them are liable to fail with ‘member not found’-type errors. The same member names are displayed and processed correctly in other ZMF4ECL folders (e.g. Data Sets, package library types, etc.).
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Problems creating new package components
It appears that a full member list including all directory information is being run against the baseline library and the data being returned to the client for processing. Neither the hang nor the heap space issue occur using the 8.2 Patch 3 GA Build 504. b) if attempting to create a new component in a like-Other library type the request fails with the following error message:
CMS-XML Users unable to access ZMF components - corrupted data displayed
... problem where a component (package or baseline ) is accessed ... ... reopen the affected component window. b. close the open/corrupt file window in RDz, explicitly disconnect from the ZMF server in RDz (right-click on the Server folder and select the ‘Disconnect...’ option), then reconnect and retry. c. close the open/corrupt window, shutdown the RDz client ( including the –clean startup parm), restart the RDz client and retry. ... Problem exists spanning multiple client builds up to and including 219.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Problem accessing contents of package and baseline components
ZMF4ECL: Problem accessing contents of package and baseline components
CMS-XML Allowed to edit component in ZMF4ECL even though ‘CMN2556A’ message in ZMF
In ZMF, if a baseline component has changed since you checked out the component in your package, when you attempt to edit the component get ‘CHANGES WILL BE LOST’ and the long message ’CMN2556A - Check out new version from baseline ; changes will not be saved.’ In ZMF, when staging (BUILD) the same component you get ‘COMPONENT OUT-OF-SYNC’ and the long message ‘CMN2555I - The baseline version of ABC101.SRC has been modified’.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Users must have a minimum of READ access to baseline and delta libraries
ZMF baseline libraries. This forces users to ZMF for all of their access requirements and allows customers to keep a tight control on how developers access these components .
CMS-XML Minus sign missing from Baseline Checkout.
In ZMF4ECL when you try and perform a checkout from a minus level of a component from baseline the minus sign is missing. Further to this ZMF4ECL only lets you checkout up to a -2 level even if you have the lib type defined as an SD 10 versions
CMS-XML Issue with second checkout to overlay same named component in a pkg.
In ZDD V8.1.1.01, with “Overlay prior staged module” admin flag being selected in the Application Admin of ZMF 71303, it is not possible to perform a component checkout from baseline function after the same component was previously checked out and activated in the same package. The overlay warning does come up, but then is it followed by the CMN2330I message:
CMS-XML Multiple component build requests ignore existing component history
When selecting multiple components for build processing in ZMF4ECL, all existing component history taken from baseline or the package itself is overridden by the options specified in the current build dialog. This is incorrect and the user should be given the opportunity to dictate whether the options specified on this build request or the existing component history should be used.
CMS-XML ‘Confirm Overlay’ confirmation window incorrectly shown on package component checkout to personal library
If a ZMF4ECL user expands the package folder components and selects the Checkout option to populate a personal development library member with the package contents they are presented with the ‘Confirm Overlay’ window. This states that the ‘The following components already exist in this package and will be replaced’ and is issued regardless of the component existing in the target library or not. This is misleading in this context and should not be issued.
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