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CMS-XML ZMF4ECL - Continuous Loop - When User attempts to log on bad user ID.
An Infinite LOOP is produced if invalid logon ID is entered after clicking 'connect' to connect to a ZMF task.
CMS-XML ZDD logon profiles not handled correctly on Citrix or Win 7 (Switch User).
- Now B logs on to same Citrix. As soon as he logs on, the application focus is automatically adjusted by the product to application BCD (e.g. the application for which B has Update rights)
CMS-XML User unable to edit and save changes, when component has been saved previously by someone else.
If USERA attempts to edit a component that was previously saved by USERB, the changes are not saved and "Checkin failed CMN8262I - Component to be staged is locked by USERB." is issued. Also, Admins are allowed to edit the component successfully. If the user logins to ISPF ZMF, saves the component there and then attempt the edit in ZMF for Eclipse, the edit is then successful.
CMS-XML CMN408I - Component activated messages, incorrectly sent to TSO user.
When a component is activated using the checkin/stage dialog, CMN408I - Component activated messages are incorrectly sent to the TSO user ID, if the user is logged on . Since message is already being sent to the user ID logged into the Eclipse client, the additional CMN408I message sent to TSO is confusing.
CMS-XML Permit User Access to ZMF or Sernet Server Task JES Output
Some SerNet services may write messages as JES output, while running under the security environment of the logged on user . As such, if the JESSPOOL class is activated, all users must be allowed UPDATE access to any JESSPOOL profiles that control JES output produced by the started task.
CMS-XML Unexplained disconnection from Server task for ZMF4ECL users
attempts to save their changes they are prompted to logon again and the changes can be successfully saved. However, the customer has also reported they sometimes also see invalid CMN3090I (Edit in stage is in progress for <dsn.member
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Multiple users still unable to connect to ZMF Server (SER8210E) despite running fix for OCTCR46A38001
seen in the ZMF Server started task output: SER8210E Session rejected because no initial logon Notes:
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Users still unable to connect to ZMF Server with SER8210E error messages, despite applying previous fixes
ZMF4ECL users that are unable to connect to ZMF instances, even after they restart their workbench, and are presented with the following message by way of explanation: SER8210E Session rejected because no initial logon
CMS-XML Intermittent S33E abends during ZMF4ECL CONNECT/LOGON
2015/10/12 08:55:00.01 SER2004I CMN Detach user CMNSUP0: TCA=181C1000 IP= 4..49191
CMS-XML Accessability changes when using CMN port.
In ZDD 713, users are unable to logon to the CMN Port only, users are forced to logon to the XCH port which opens up access to datasets and jobs that they would previously not have had access too when running ZDD 7.1.2.
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