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CMS-XML BSOD using ZDD with APSWARE VISUALjob transfer function
BSOD using ZDD with APSWARE VISUALjob transfer function
CMS-XML Access denied message when reusing files.
Customer submits a job that transfers a dataset from mainframe to the client. The first time it always works fine, further trials sometimes work, sometimes leads to the problem “access denied”, as the system thinks that the dataset is still in use. They also see the problem when working with ZMF datasets.
CMS-XML ZMF for Eclipse does not provide appropriate access, when dataset are protected.
Customer has baseline and other datasets defined with UACC(NONE) and have allowed the ZMF started task USERID to have update access. This allows users to be able to checkout and edit members within the ISPF and ZDD clients. Since ZMF4ECL uses XML Services to communicate with and transfer data to and from the client, access to the dataset is restricted and attempts to access data fails with 'AAA.BB.CCCC.DDDD' is a protected data set" messages.
CMS-XML SubmitJcl function works only once.
3) Now issue another SubmitJcl on the same JCL member in the package and you will find if you look in SDSF the JOB is not present, it is not transferred to the mainframe. You only see the first submit in the ZMF SERRINT.
CMS-XML Component Master Hotfixes (updated April 16, 2012)
Password is SERENA (all uppercase). Executing the zip file will generate a further file named V71102.CMAST.FIXES.D2012103.LOD that should be transferred to your mainframe in binary format to a dataset with LRECL=80 and RECFM=FB. Issuing a TSO RECEIVE on your mainframe against the transmitted files will create load libraries containing the new modules.

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