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CMS-XML ‘Compare to Baseline/Promotion...’ does not allow for SRD files
ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack ZMF Client Pack ZMF 4ECL
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL - Checkout does set levels correctly for SRD baselines.
ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack 7.1.2
CMS-XML When attempting to compare staging to baseline -1 version, customer is getting member not found.
ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack ZMF 4ECL 8.1.2
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Users must have a minimum of READ access to baseline and delta libraries
Similarly attempts to checkout or compare components from baseline, or baseline-1, result in the following type of error message when the user has less than READ access to the physical baseline or delta datasets: CMN1088A – {your.baseline.library
CMS-XML Intermittent S33E abends during ZMF4ECL CONNECT/LOGON
2015/10/12 08:57:00.04 SER0954E Task abnormally terminated: Comp =S33E Function=CONNECT/LOGON NSI=18107836 (dump suppressed)
CMS-XML Calling external programs in the ChangeMan ZMF HLLX address space
HLLX provides a multi-user, multi-tasking environment in which customer-written, LE-compliant language or rexx routines can be executed. In very simplistic terms, HLLX can be compared to a very much ‘stripped back’ CICS region. Both provide an address space in which a large number of customer application programs can potentially be executed.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.2 Patch 3
You can display the results of the compare process in a tab by unselecting the "Display comparison reports in Dialog" option. This option is available in ZMF4ECL Preferences under the Settings tab.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.2
This function compares change package component meta-data and the physical contents of the staging libraries, and detects out-of-sync meta-data with members such as meta-data and no member or member and no meta-data. This function is also executed
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.2 Patch 1
as "Display Comparison Report after Component Edit". When this is set, a comparison report will be displayed
CMS-XML ZDD putting spaces into empty lines.
5. Edit component (use the ChangeMan Edit or Notepad++): add a new line without any character (blank line). 6. Save 7. Reload both components from the local drive and from the package using Notepad++ and compare the two modules and you will see the space before the CRLF.
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