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CMS-XML JOBCARD information should be saved for each ZMF server connection
Customer has JES2 and JES3 mainframes, each running ZMF. The JOBCARD information is currently saved at the ZMF4ECL plug-in level and must be changed each time a job is submitted to the 'other' machine,
CMS-XML Changes to distribution of zmfwsbas.jar in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 2 and later releases
The zmfwsbas.jar file contains the classes and stubs necessary to build custom applications that use ChangeMan ZMF base web services, i.e. those distributed in.zmfws.war Whenever a ZMF Server is upgraded
CMS-XML Permit User Access to ZMF or Sernet Server Task JES Output
In the 8.2+ releases of the ChangeMan ZMF-related products and user interfaces Micro Focus have implemented some changes to the way in which specific functions are executed. This has resulted in us planning to add the following section to our existing ChangeMan Client Pack (i.e. ChangeMan ZDD and ChangeMan ZMF4ECL) documentation in the near future:
CMS-XML Unexplained disconnection from Server task for ZMF4ECL users
attempts to save their changes they are prompted to logon again and the changes can be successfully saved. However, the customer has also reported they sometimes also see invalid CMN3090I (Edit in stage is in progress for <dsn.member
CMS-XML Started task userid requires READ authority to access personal datasets
Subsequent edits are saved under the user’s userid, not the relevant started task’s userid. Even if the SERVER started task has READ access to the file, then it can be opened in ZMF4ECL and updated as though the user has made the change . So it looks like a problem processing the open request/member list only.
CMS-XML Unexplained TCP/IP connectivity issues to ZMF Server started task
modify command appears to resolve the issue immediately for them, despite the fact that TCP/IP itself has not been restarted.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Unable to edit some components containing hexadecimal characters in text editor
Problem can be recreated using ZMF4ECL 8.2 Patch 5 Build 568 running against a ZMF 8.2 Patch 5 Server task.
CMS-XML Invalid dataset ENQueue failures editing components in personal development libs
1. An invalid SER4155E in the eclipse or RDz client Data Set ENQ failure: SER4155E Serial lock could not be obtained 2. An invalid SER9500I message in the started task output
CMS-XML Strange EDIT behavior when editing an HFS component and the edit fails.
The component is not being 'refreshed' before each edit attempt. "All" the changes made up to the point where the error that is preventing the save (such as install date passed) is corrected, will subsequently be saved if/when the error is corrected. This can cause unintentional or unrealized changes to be saved on the ZMF Server side .
CMS-XML S978-04 SERXMVS using ZDD 8.1.3 ‘Copy to data set’ function
The customer has the hotfix for DEF273339 (S0C2 in SERXMVS using ZDD ‘Copy to data set’ function) installed. When using the ZDD 8.1.1 client software this works OK. However, when they change this to use the ZDD 8.1.3 client the following abend is encountered and the function is effectively unavailable within the Server :
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