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CMS-XML Component user options being lost when built from ZDD 8.1.2
A customer has reported an issue where existing component history data (e.g. component user options) are being lost when a ZMF package component is built via ZDD 8.1.2. When the ‘Override History’ option is selected, the user options are not passed to the build process despite the correct, existing values being specified. Subsequent rebuilds of the same component will obviously use the new, blank settings.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Not allowing default build values without re-entry of data
When a component is built in ZMF4ECL we allow default values to be set in the build dialog via the ZDDOPTS BUILD member. However, the default values are not being accepted as valid data on initial presentation and must be overtyped with the same data before the ‘Finish’ button is enabled and the build job can be submitted.
CMS-XML JOBCARD information should be saved for each ZMF server connection
Customer has JES2 and JES3 mainframes, each running ZMF. The JOBCARD information is currently saved at the ZMF4ECL plug-in level and must be changed each time a job is submitted to the 'other' machine,
CMS-XML ZDDOPTS BUILD - 'readonly="Y"' set, but data entry still required.
Customer has 'readonly="Y"' set on several user options, but data must still be enter in field. This behavior is incorrect. Data entry should not even be allowed, let alone required.
CMS-XML Check-in of a new like-OTH component fails with "No component data available for LIKE-OTH build request."
Check-in of a new like-OTH component fails with "No component data available for LIKE-OTH build request."
CMS-XML Missing package contents when ZDD 712.01 Build 368/9 is installed.
</profile> </options> Even if you take the last entry off you cannot get anything to show in the contents of the package.
CMS-XML Data available at the BULD0004and BULD0104 HLLX exit points, is inconsistent depending on where call originated.
Data passed to HLLX exit points for BUILD , is not consistent when called from different clients.
CMS-XML WD4ZMF: Component build options not being set correctly in build dialog
Whenever a component build request is executed in WD4ZMF any updated DB2, compile parm or link parm information is successfully passed to the host for processing. However, on re-submission of the build request these updates are then lost from the build dialog. This should not occur.
CMS-XML Updating complex package properties removes all participating package information
When any package property is updated on the first window for a complex package and ‘Finish’ selected from here, the ‘Participating Packages Update’/’Complex/Participating Package Reset’ function is executed and all participating packages linked to the complex are removed. Problem occurs on both builds tested (185 and 207).
CMS-XML Problems displaying IA data for executable components
Two issues have been identified with the ZMF4ECL ‘Bill of Materials’ and ‘Impact Analysis’ functions when processing requests for executable-subroutine relationships . Both problems apply to both functions:
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