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CMS-XML When EDIT COMPONENT is checked, the staging dataset is edited, when using checkout from package. Target of the checkout (personal dataset) should be what is edited.
When a component is checked out from a package to a personal dataset, if the EDIT COMPONENT box is checked, the staging dataset is opened for edit and the changes made are not saved to the personal dataset. In this scenario, the personal dataset should be opened for edit, since it is the 'target' of the checkout request.
CMS-XML Smart Editor issue for copybooks when option "Launch Build after saving component" is enabled.
When you use the Smart-editor for copybooks it launches the build process when we save a component due to having set the flag ”Launch Build after saving component”. The issue is that there’s nothing to build for a copybook.
CMS-XML like-OTHER components cannot be edited and staged using ZDD.
like-OTHER components cannot be edited and staged using ZDD. After the component is checked out, the component cannot be edited and saved . Also, the build option is not available and using checkin issues :Message CMN8768I – Component Build for like-src and like-oth library types".
CMS-XML ZDD 7.1: Problem when staging new files into packages.
A problem which is related to ZDD interfacing with "PRO/JCL Workstation" on the PC. When users are just saving components back into the package after a change, e.g. just a normal " save ", then it works as expected. However there are problems with "save as":
CMS-XML User unable to edit and save changes, when component has been saved previously by someone else.
If USERA attempts to edit a component that was previously saved by USERB, the changes are not saved and "Checkin failed CMN8262I - Component to be staged is locked by USERB." is issued. Also, Admins are allowed to edit the component successfully. If the user logins to ISPF ZMF, saves the component there and then attempt the edit in ZMF for Eclipse, the edit is then successful.
CMS-XML Plug-in should get an exclusive enqueue when checkin from zOS DSN is used.
Customer is able to checkin a member from a PDS, that is currently being edited in RDz or in ISPF. If the changes to the member are subsequently saved , the changes are not present in the member in the ZMF staging dataset. The ZMF4ECL plug-in interface should get an exclusive enqueue on the member during checkin, to ensure this situation is not allowed.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.2
If this setting is not selected , the target component is saved and the editor is closed, but the Build process is not automatically initiated. ZMF4ECL Now Returns Details of a Local File Checkin
CMS-XML Automatic reconnection fails and remedial user action causes ENQ failures
... components in that library become accessible again ... Users may see a ‘SER4155E Serial lock could not be obtained’ or a ‘SER4252E Dataset ENQ failure’ on the staging dataset and the task may issue a ‘SER9500I Dataset in use’ on the same file. ... ii. the dataset cannot remain ENQueued by the started task or a method needs to be provided or found to free it without forcing a restart of the task.
CMS-XML CMN ZMF Web Services Sample Code
... select the ' Build Path' - 'Configure Build Path.. ... - Select the ' Libraries ' tab, highlight the zmfwsbas.jar ... This can be found in your web application server's webapps\zmfws\WEB-INF\ lib folder (e.g. D:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.0\webapps\zmfws\WEB-INF\ lib on your Tomcat Server machine) ... 9. The sample program writes progress messages to the console.
CMS-XML Performing checkout to personal and specifying only HLQ for DSN, locks catalog.
If a "checkout to personal " is attempted and the user's HLQ is all that is specified, the system catalog gets locked and the task must be cycled to free it. ... SER0953E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S0C9 Function= STAGE /IEBCOPY
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