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CMS-XML Cache file can be deleted while in use
Cache file can be deleted while in use
CMS-XML Unable to revert packages when CMNEX039 in use
Unable to revert packages when CMNEX039 in use
CMS-XML Issue in using "Save As" in Wordpad or Notepad++.
Issue in using "Save As" in Wordpad or Notepad++.
CMS-XML Access denied message when reusing files.
Customer submits a job that transfers a dataset from mainframe to the client. The first time it always works fine, further trials sometimes work, sometimes leads to the problem “access denied”, as the system thinks that the dataset is still in use . They also see the problem when working with ZMF datasets.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: # symbol incorrectly converted in dataset name processing for some CCSIDs
Using ZMF4ECL 7.1.2 the crosshatch/hash/pound/etc. symbol (i.e. '#') is not being handled correctly when used in staging dataset names for some international character sets. It appears that it is always being handled as a x’7B’ character regardless of the codepage/LCLCCSID in use .
CMS-XML Invalid dataset ENQueue failures editing components in personal development libs
SER9500I Dataset in use : . c ¯
CMS-XML SER4155E errors checking in components from personal development libraries
The started task may also show a ‘SER9500I Dataset in use : . b o -’ containing an unintelligible dataset name.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL 8.1 not clearing logical package component ENQ after period of inactivity
And attempts to edit the component in ISPF fail with: COMPONENT IN USE /CMN2563I - Component requested is in use by another user. A ‘D GRS,RES=(CMNSTGER,*)’ command shows the component to be locked by the Server task userid:
CMS-XML Automatic reconnection fails and remedial user action causes ENQ failures
Users may see a ‘SER4155E Serial lock could not be obtained’ or a ‘SER4252E Dataset ENQ failure’ on the staging dataset and the task may issue a ‘SER9500I Dataset in use ’ on the same file. The issues therefore: i. the ZMF4ECL client should successfully reconnect in this scenario.

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