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CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Dataset allocation failures
The Auto – Allocate personal library feature in ZMF4ECL checkout processing fails in the 8.2 Patch 5 version of the client. When the user has no trace options enabled they receive the following pop up message:
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Intermittent user connection errors to ZMF Server task
A trace shows that this appears to happen shortly after execution of the ENVIRON.SERVICE.LIST service, which is invoked during connection processing.
CMS-XML Corrupt-looking message returned to ZMF4ECL user in response to SER9008E message
The libraries could not be expanded and there were no clues to the cause. After research we found that they had NULLFILE defined in both the shadow and promotion library 1 fields for many library types in ZMF application admin. A trace showed that this was resulting in a SER9008E (not authorized) message in the started task attempting to expand the member list and, in turn, the invalid error message being issued by ZMF4ECL.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.1 and
ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse Adds Expanded Web Service Tracing Options A session trace option has been added
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Problem accessing contents of package and baseline components
Affected users appear to be unable to access any components and ZMF Server traces suggest that the download request is never being sent to the server. The RDz .log file shows the following types of error:
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: 8.1.3 Users unable to access ZMF components – corrupt-looking data presented
The problem is that when the user attempts to access a component (package or baseline in browse or edit) ZMF4ECL returns corrupt looking data. Again, traces show a ‘SER4184E DATASET DOWNLOAD request is not allowed’ message which suggests that an invalid user token is being generated for the affected user's sessions on the problem machine.
CMS-XML Users unable to access ZMF components – corrupt-looking data presented
e. close the open/corrupt window, wait until the ZMF started task is restarted and retry. However, the problem persists. Traces show a 'SER4184E DATASET DOWNLOAD request is not allowed' message which would appear to be related.
CMS-XML Users unable to access ZMF components - corrupted data displayed
However, after several days the problem apparently ‘disappears’ in response to no particular action. In both of the occurrences we have traced we do see a ‘SER4184E DATASET DOWNLOAD request is not allowed’ message which would appear to be related. Whether or not this is the cause or a symptom of the problem is unclear.
’) could be misinterpreted by users as error messages. After consideration, it was decided to only display these messages if tracing options have been selected in the ZMF4ECL session.
CMS-XML Packages created under prior ZMF versions cannot be accessed under ZMF 7.1.2 server
All looks fine running PACKAGE.GEN_PRMS.LIST under XMLSERV for the package. However, a trace of the started task whilst recreating the problem shows the problem entries (e.g. the stageDevHfsModel) containing the invalid data which is probably causing the issue.
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