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CMS-XML Properties show no Member Count and no Directory Blocks in Serena Perspective.
If you create a PDS dataset say with 187 (text) members in it; in the properties window of the dataset in question the SERENA Perspective shows no Member Count and no Directory Block usage .
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: messages: license error message is no longer descriptive.
ZMF4ECL: messages: license error message is no longer descriptive.
CMS-XML Recompile multiple Components fails with CMN8502I – Member List/count is invalid.
Recompile multiple Components fails with CMN8502I – Member List/ count is invalid.
CMS-XML Disaster Recovery Keys for Mainframe Products
In the event of a real Disaster Recovery scenario or a planned Disaster Recovery test, you will need to request license keys to run your Micro Focus mainframe products on the Disaster Recovery CPU.
CMS-XML LIC0028W and LIC0049W Warning Messages
When running any Serena mainframe product that uses SER10TY 4.x (i.e. XML) license keys , users are liable to see the following warning messages: LIC0028W System capacity (nnn MSU) exceeds limit for <product> license (nnn MSU), within warning range. LIC0049W <product> allowed to continue with license validation errors.
CMS-XML SAXParseException when password has expired
Customer is running an old version of the ZMF4ECL plugin. When logging into ZMF via ZMF4ECL (using Rdz), with an expired password, the user receives error 'SAXParseException with Premature End of File' message. The message does not provide sufficient information for the user to understand the problem.
CMS-XML ZDD logon profiles not handled correctly on Citrix or Win 7 (Switch User).
There is a problem is ZDD when two users are logged onto the same ZDD service i.e on Citirx or Windows 7 using "Switch User. To recreate the following steps should be taken.
CMS-XML Unable to revert packages when CMNEX039 in use
A customer uses CMNEX039 to group package installation sites. Attempts to revert any package in such a configuration results in no response and the following error being generated in the error log :
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: HFS component is not created when using "New Component" option.
When attempting to create a new HFS member using the "New Component" option, "Unhandled event loop exception" error message is issued in the LOG file and new component is not created.
CMS-XML NullPointerException when opening Cobol Editor in Edit\Browse mode.
Customer is running ZMF4ECL 813 and RDz 951 and they are receiving an NullPointerException when we right-click in the browse or edit of a COBOL program opened with COBOL editor. Below is the log : java.lang.NullPointerException
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