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CMS-XML Component Master Hotfixes (updated April 16, 2012)
To ensure that further customers do not encounter similar issues a number of component master-related hotfixes have been grouped together and are available as an attachment to this solution. ... ****************** End of Installation Instructions ******************
CMS-XML All participating packages removed when adding new one to complex
Using the ZMF4ECL interface, when a user attempts to attach a new participating package to a complex package that already contains one or more frozen participating packages, then all participating packages will be deleted from the complex package. When the package list is displayed the frozen package will issue a message similar to the following:
CMS-XML Site(s) allowed to be added and/or removed, when package is in DIS status.
Site(s) allowed to be added and/or removed , when package is in DIS status.
CMS-XML Getting ‘Add to project error: Resource not added’ message on ZMF4ECL checkout
Whenever a user attempts checkout a component to a personal dataset using the override property group functionality they always get a ‘ Add to project error: Resource not added ’ error message. Similarly, refreshing the ZMF Property Group from the z/OS Projects perspective receives the following error message:
CMS-XML Default z/OS Job filter cannot be removed.
When a new filter is added under z/OS Job Filter, the default value ( Job Name: <userid>* Owner * ) cannot be removed.
CMS-XML Problems with Property Group override functionality
1. When the new override syslib functionality in ZMF4ECL is used only the ‘standard’ ZMF datasets are being included in the overridden SYSLIB. No wallpaper datasets are being added .
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL - Continuous Loop - When User attempts to log on bad user ID.
CMS-XML Unexplained disconnection from Server task for ZMF4ECL users
ZMF4ECL users should only time out after 4 hours inactivity. However, they are seeing instances of ZMF4ECL users being timed
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL notifications not reaching users on instance
The SNDNTFY step (PGM=SERVXPPC) in the build job ends with a RC=4, the following message is issued and no notifications are sent: 04.58.29 J0213726 SER1307E SERVXPPC Communication failure The input looks as follows:
CMS-XML Automatic reconnection fails and remedial user action causes ENQ failures
Disconnecting and reconnecting from the ZMF Server resolves the issue for me here. However, it appears that in the customer environment this does not always work and users are cancelling their RDz session in Windows Task Manager. This leaves the dataset ENQueued by the started task which must then be restarted before any of the components in that library become accessible again.
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